Simple Church Fellowships

We scatter throughout the week in various relationships, viewing our work as one of our greatest opportunities to worship. We study the Scriptures daily leading us to pray, declare and command seeking to experience the Kingdom (see .  We are redeemed, we are washed in the Blood of Jesus and being perfected….  And to celebrate these truths we gather every Sunday to fellowship and celebrating our Thanksgiving, Obedience and Compassion.

Sunday’s @ 4:30 – 7:30     Dinner is at 5:00  to find out this week’s location. Check out our Facebook page

The Church is: “A people called out in whom Jesus lives gathered as a spiritual family continuing God’s mission in the world.”

As the Church we exist – to Exalt the King in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, as a scattered and gathered transformed community.

We are Transformed – as the bride of Christ.  Thus we fulfill the mission of Christ. Jesus was sent by the Father to the world to dwell amongst us. As we enter into the covenanted relationship with Jesus we are transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. In our obedience to the King light shines. The Light of Christ shines through our expressions of Goodness, Righteousness and Truth, which are only possible by the grace of God in our lives.

We are Community – as the body of Christ. Thus we fulfill the ministry of Christ. Jesus in perfection fulfilled all things and gave to us the ministry of the Holy Spirit that we might do even more. The community reflects God’s own purposes and nature and is comprised of uniquely gifted members for the service of the King.

As a Transformed Community we are called to be set apart by Christ, in Christ and for Christ. We are called out by the answers to the questions of “What kind of People will we be?” What Kind of Plan will we follow?” and “What kind of Purpose will we share”. In unity we answer those questions being a People of Faith following a Plan of Hope for the Purposes of Love. Each person discovers their personal calling and connection to these questions be being equipped and seeking unity of the faith and maturity in Christ.

As the Church we are to be set apart from the world, yet actively engaged in the world. We are set apart by our ways of belonging, believing and behaving, not for our benefit- rather for the very transformation of society. We engage the world, being both scattered and gathered. The Scattered Church serves and witnesses to all domains of society much like leaven in bread, or light illuminates a dark room. The Gathered Church edifies one another and is equipped so that the Scattered Church can “rise” and “burn” brightly.

When the Gathered Church attempts to be the light and the leaven in isolation, it results in a church that is driven by programs rather than relationships resulting in; conformity verses intimacy, productivity verses fecundity, and consistency verses ecstasy. In order continually focus our attention on intimacy with the King, fecundity in the Kingdom and ecstasy in Kingship, the Gathered Church must focus is attention on the Equipping and Edification of the Saints.

Equipping of the saints is to prepare and perfect the bride of Christ so that the King will be exalted and we will be identified as a transformed community to advance His Kingdom throughout the world. Edification of the saints is the building up and strengthening of the body of the Christ, so that the King will be exalted and we will be encouraged as a transformed community to advance His Kingdom throughout the world. The Church is scattered for Service and Witness which is a natural by-product of the gathered Equipping and Edification of the Church.

Equipping in our Community is structured by our desire to be set apart by our calling to become a People of Faith, following a Plan of Hope for the Purposes of Love. This Process of Discipleship is an on-going deepening experience that is bound only by commitment to the scriptures & prayer. For this reason we gather on Sunday to study the Scriptures going through the Revised Common Lectionary.

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