Holistic Life & Empowering Leaders

Every aspect of our live in integrated in Christ, for our life is hidden in Him. Below you will see the emphasis the holistic focus of life.  This holistic understanding is throughout the pages of the Bible. It was clearly taught to Moses in the leading of Israel and the formation of the Tabernacle, and is again found in Jesus – as he Tabernacles amongst us. Finally is is found in us as we are the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit. On the following pages you can pick from books on the suggested lists. These books have helped others and myself on the holistic journey. Not all books are “Christian” nor “information driven”.   Want to join in on the conversation about a book- let us know.  Again, these Holistic approaches are based on the pattern of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25-40). The Bold definitions are taken from www.souleader.org with permission.

Physical  – Brazen Altar of Sacrifice

Training our bodies with proper habits of eating, sleep & exercise

Emotional  – Wash Basin

Developing awareness into the deeper parts of our bodies

Mental – Golden Lampstand

Renewing our minds by focusing on God and His Wisdom

Relational – Table of Showbread

Connecting with people with authentic, loving relationships

Spiritual – Altar of Incense

Taking on the character of Jesus by effort and grace

Missional – Ark of the Covenant

Focusing our passion and gifts on the mission of God and His Kingdom

Cultural – Mercy Seat

Embracing our context which shapes the way we see the content of our lives.

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