Get what you deserve – Justice!

Kingdom principle: Seeking Justice means you have known Grace & Mercy

Desire Mercy, Be Thankful for Grace, Never Give up on Justice.

Jeremiah 31:27-34 Psalm 119:97-104 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 Luke 18:1-8

Our prayers don’t change God – they change us…. the passage in Luke is not about being persistent to get what we want. If persistence gets you what you want then prayer is based in possibility thinking and law of attraction. (It’s Not) The self-absorbed judge of Luke 18 is not like God and God is not like that judge of that passage….   Yet, God is the ultimate and final judge, therefore we are to come to Him with our cries for justice. The persistent widow cries out because of her awareness that justice is due her, and her faith leads her to continue to cry out in faithful expectancy. We too are to model this hope, not based on our needs, rather based on the Character and Promises of God. God has sufficient mercy and grace for us – and both of these are freely given, our invitation today is to learn to cry out in prayer for justice. When we pray we are not to “bugging” and “nagging” God until we get what we want. We are to cry out for the promises that God has committed to us.

First, let us understand Mercy – It is difficult to be thankful for that which God withholds from us – but in his Mercy judgment is withheld from us – for we are sinners and death is what is due us all.  When we become aware of Mercy we respond with Thanksgiving.  Grace is receiving from God that which what we don’t deserve. (In Mercy God withholds, In Grace God gives) When we receive Grace from God, we experience His leading, teaching, guiding, and conviction. When we become fully aware of Grace, we respond with Obedience. (see 2 Timothy regarding how the Word of God is to be preached) This work of Grace & Mercy is an act of the Holy Spirit granted unto us by the life and blood of Jesus Christ.  It is not until when we acknowledge Grace in our lives, that we can begin to steward God’s mercy toward others – this increases our faith, joy and eternal rewards.  Where a faithful follower of Christ is not encountering Mercy or Grace – the Enemy is thwarting the very desire and will of God. Living a consistent lifestyle of Thanksgiving is an indicator that Grace & Mercy has been made complete. There are two main reasons why this thwarting can take place – either the enemy is intruding, or we have invited. Where there is intrusion we are to cry out for JUSTICE. Where there is invitation we draw upon the Grace & Mercy of God. The Widow was crying for Justice.

God’s justice is the overriding rule that the peace and prosperity of the Kingdom are to be yours in abundance. This commitment is not alone spiritual or eternal, it is that God’s promised abundance to walk in the fullness of the Kingdom Now,  has been stolen and thwarted by the enemy. God’s justice is rooted in our identity and inheritance of the Kingdom. It is the final answer, God has freely given grace & mercy, but because we live in this age and in this age there is an enemy, Justice must be included. If there is not intrusion, there is no need for Justice. Justice is served when the enemy or an agent of the enemy intrudes into a believer’s life. The enemy is not stupid, he will always wage war where he is most likely to win.  When we invite (see below) and the enemy brings chaos, tumult and destruction – this is only stopped by an act of Grace. Not every invite results in chaos – in this case Mercy was executed over us. This ought to move you to thanksgiving. In response to mercy, we are to move toward grace.  Therefore, God’s children are called to put on the righteousness of Christ and mediate on the Word of God.  In Christ’s righteousness, which is grace given to us, is there no invitation of sin. Therefore every time the enemy moves against you (intrusion) , as you are clothed in righteousness – You are deserving of Justice. Justice is the ultimate payback, with a huge spiritual dividend and physical blessing.

  • Invitation – When we invite destruction through sinful actions or passive agreement with our flesh nature or worldly desires.
  • Intrusion – When Satan breaks the Spiritual laws violating the rule & reign of the King.
  • Justice – the movement of God towards his children in response to Intrusion
  • Grace – the teaching and instruction of God to remove further invitation to the enemy
  • Mercy – the withholding of judgment as we are careless in our invitations to the enemy

Let us be quick to invite the LORD to rule and reign and just is quick to resist the enemy. While Grace and Mercy are given freely we must seek, cry out for and demand for Justice. This Engagement is an act of prayer that shifts our focus from what is happening to what can happen. Prayer shifts our focus from the reality of this world to the realm of the heavens. When we pray and lament to God for what was due us and how the enemy has tormented us – we are asking for what we deserve –that is Justice. Again grace is being given, what we don’t deserve. Prayer guides us in the journey of faith, teaching us the will of the Father. When we say, “Prayer Changes things”, the very “thing” that is being changed when you engage in prayer is You. Justice being delivered restores you to the rightful place in which God has already established and prepared for you. Therefore this is not a change in you, it is a confirmation of what we hoped to be true- now realized.

Finally –

There is no longer any shame in the life of the believer who has received Grace or needs more Mercy. (Romans 1:16, 2 Cor. 10:8, Phil 1:20, 2 Tim. 1:8, 12, 16; 2:15,  1 Peter 4:16) (It is complete much like our hope in justice) This is because  grace was fully dispensed and sin atoned for on the cross.  If we error and sin – resulting in an invitation to the enemy to bring destruction, we simply confess our sins and he is faithful and just. (1 John 1:8-9ATHOE  Everything that happens in our lives, which is not an act of God’s Grace or Mercy can and will be re-paid with Justice. This nullifies the shame of the act, and lead us to embrace consequences of our actions with Thanksgiving. So all this to say – Be Alive and full of live in the Kingdom of God. Boast in your weakness, be not ashamed of your life. God is at work in you and for you. Cry out to him and you will see – the Mercy, Grace and Justice that he is longing to bestow on you.

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