It’s a Journey

Life is a journey. This Blog is a recording of my journey as I lead Living Faith Fellowship on the road to fullness and fellowship in the Kingdom of God. I am comfortable living into the paradox’s of life. For me – the Kingdom of God is both now – and not yet, in my weakness – strength is found, I seek to lose my life – so that I might find it. My life is moved by the Spirit of God, in Him I move and have my being which means it will be as the wind is blown  – it does not get much more chaotic than this. YET – I am here to Confront the Chaos – God is not random and He has structured this world and my life in such a way that I might follow a pattern, established in the Tabernacle of Moses and Resurrected in the Life of Jesus Christ and Redeemed in my life as I am the very Temple of the Holy Spirit today. This Pattern is made clear though the Paradigm of the  Gospel of the Kingdom and the Holistic healing and transformation that the King seeks in my life and in my community. In order to live into the paradigm of this pattern, God has laid out Principles for my life that establish a cause and effect relationship of the choices I make in life and the reality of the Kingdom in me and that which is yet to come. Click here to see this is an grid form…

This blog will be a journey through the Word of God as I live into those very principles and seek to articulate them in a way the transforms my life and my community as we apply them to our lives.  We gather with those interested to discuss and discover further truths of these Scriptures in each of our lives each week on Sunday Nights in homes in the San Dimas/Glendora area. We encourage you to be reading the Scriptures as outline in the Revised Common Lectionary  – this three year outline will guide us through the entire counsel of the Word of God using four unique passages each week. From these passages of Scripture I will hope to draw out a principle of the Kingdom which can be applied by all who seek to embrace a paradigm which was established by the pattern laid out most clear in the Life of Jesus and spread throughout the entire Bible. Each Sunday we Celebrate the testimonies of Kingdom Servants who are living the Principles and seek to further embrace the truth of God’s word for our lives.


Casey Cox

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