Suprised by what you see in the mirror?

Updated on 5.12.2015

Kingdom Principle:    The Kingdom Leaders are set apart for the Kingdom with Credibility.

Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 Psalm 1 1 John 5:9-13 John 17:6-19

The mirror tells you what you already know – The masses test it to see if it’s true. There are Leaders in your life – these are the people you look to for guidance, security, assistance and wisdom. There are leaders in every domain of life – (there are 8 domains – future post… – government, business, education, medicine/technology, church/religion, service & communication, family and arts & leisure) While each of these domains has leaders – not all of these leaders are Kingdom Leaders. Even those who are leaders in the domain of the church are not by default Kingdom Leaders. Kingdom Leaders are those who are fulfilling their Commission. (last week’s post) The culmination of Intimacy, Fecundity, Ecstasy = life in the King – it will result in a person finding their commission in the world. To be on Mission is the very call that Christ had from the Father and he gave to his disciple.

What sets Kingdom leaders apart from other leaders is found in the credibility that is given to them by the Father. Jesus prays for this in John 17.  He offers three prayers….

1. (vs. 11) Protection that they may be one as Jesus and the Father are one. 2. (vs. 15) Protection that they may not be taken out of the world by the evil one. 3. (vs. 17) Sanctity them by the truth.  Overall we see that Credibility is lost, when we fight and are at odds with others and when Satan fulfills his mission to steal, kill and destroy. Credibility is given by the testimony of Jesus – this is called Favor – we come alongside this favor to develop our credibility through our character, conduct and expressions of compassion – taking us back to our very Commission.

Psalm 1:2-3 makes is very clear how they was of the blessed Kingdom Leader is found to have credibility – mediation on the word, filling of the Spirit, and being prepared to serve in all ways at all times… thus the credibility of God will be with you. The first thing to ponder based on this post is  – Do you consider yourself a leader? In short – All leaders have influence. Do you have influence? If so, where and with whom… All Christians are called to be the salt and light of the world  – hence to have influence. So as a believer you are called to be a leader. Consider the domains at the beginning of this post, in which domain would you like to have more influence? From here you are beginning to position yourself to grow in influence – follow last week’s post, not to get ahead of yourself.

Questions to consider today –

1. Where or when have you overcome a disagreement with others (especially in leadership) where you have remained in relationship and working together?

2. Where or when have you overcome a temptation or battle where it is clear that there was the option to sin or to lose your credibility and testimony? (don’t be ashamed of temptation – boast in the victory of Jesus)

3. Where or when have you seen demonstrable growth in your relationship with the King? Where have you experienced more intimacy, fecundity, or ecstasy?

Where you have answers to these questions – is where your credibility is being tested and increasing. Don’t look to the mirror, rather be tested by the masses such that you might verify the prayers of Jesus for you, to be in the world.

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