Don’t be fooled; your time is valuable.

Updated 8/13/2015

Kingdom Principle:  Wisdom wastes no time with a fool and does not entertain evil.

1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14 Psalm 111 Ephesians 5:15-20 John 6:51-58

If you can have anything you want – what will you wish for?  The passage this week demonstrates the power of asking for wisdom. If you don’t have wisdom, then you can simply ask for it. (James 1:5) If you have trouble believing that it is that easy, then read last week’s post and discover if your faith has child-like qualities or is it more child-ish. However the result of child-like qualities will be growth… not to become grown-up without God, rather to grow in faith. The result of having wisdom is seen throughout the book of James and we will get there in just a few weeks….

We have looked much at the body, soul and spirit – wisdom is a movement of the spirit within you. The Ephesians passage makes it clear this week – be filled with the spirit for you are to move as wise not as unwise. The passage in John takes us to a whole new understanding of communion. For many we think of communion as something we do at church with the bread and cup – calling it a sacrament. In this passage Jesus is demonstrating beyond the “sacrament of institution” he is revealing the “sacrament of incarnation” inviting us into his very life is a sacrament and we can approach life in communion with him. Resulting in communion with Christ, and our lives as a sacrament.  Again –communion is a movement of the spirit.  The final expression of movement of the spirit in our lives is conscience. (Many Thanks to Streams Ministries  for this teaching) Over the last few weeks, we have been gently touching this as it is grace moves us to engage our conscience in relationship to the growth of the body.

OKAY – so what about my life, the scriptures this week and the Kingdom Principle.  Just because a person is a believer in Jesus Christ, does not mean that they are wise. All are called to be, but not all answer the call. Those who ask for wisdom receive it, those who receive it still need to discern if they are going to use it. There is a very big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge and enhanced understanding. Wisdom leads you to the Kingdom of God as outlined in Matthew 6:33 – seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and all things will be added unto you…. Therefore, why would one seek anything else if by seeking the kingdom all is added? Yet you can have the knowledge and not apply it and you have read these words by fail to understand. Do you long for wisdom? If so, you will be confronted with knowledge and understand about the world around you and the love of God that will lead you to celebrating freedom, or leave you crushed under the current reality and fear of change.

There is so much more I wish to say here, but to keep it short – I am going to draw from two books: “Necessary Endings by “Dr. Henry Cloud and “Bold Love” by Dan B. Allender. Both of these books are amazing reads for the spiritual insight leading about healthy relationship and the role of wisdom being applied.  Overall there are three types of people in the world. The Wise, The Fool, and The Evil. A very quick and simple summary of these types of people:

  • The wise have an open ear and open heart to learn God’s will.
  • The fool have closed ears to God’s will and open mouth to share their own.
  • The evil are fools, who have a closed heart to God and haughty eyes looking for opportunities to thwart God’s will.

Most of us assume that we are not fools, yet our actions reveal something much different. Read a summary of this kind of thinking from the wisdom proverbs of Solomon.

Overall – Wisdom helps us to navigate our time we invest in the lives of those around us. True wisdom is bold love directing us to make necessary ending where soil is not fertile for the Kingdom of God. If you desire to discover more about your wisdom verse folly – the first step is to admit you need to learn from someone else. (The fool has all the answers, even the ones they aren’t choosing to apply at this time) The second step is to ask God as outline above. The Third step is to listen. (See James 1:19)… Listen to what God shares and listen to those you deem wise….

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