Choosing Cancer…

Kingdom Principle: Entering the Kingdom is a repeated choice, claiming life with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in every breath.

Isaiah 6:1-8 Psalm 29 Romans 8:12-17 John 3:1-17

The thought that anyone would choose cancer is repulsive to all those who find themselves or a loved one suffering and/or having died from cancer. (I am included in that description) And Yet – it is just as repulsive to believe that there are choices that can be made that greatly reduce if not remove the power of Cancer to destroy life and then not make those choices. A book titled “The end of illness” captures this perspective from a medical vantage point. Dr. Agus in his revolutionary book states that we are all living with cancer within us. We must choose to pro-actively prevent this cancer from killing us. His goal is to guide us to make the simple choices in life based on the principles (system) he presents which yield a healthy life.  (Great book – a bit long and steeped in medical jargon) Overall – the answer is that the simple things we do everyday matter. For example; take care of your feet and teeth, which means you are able to listen to your body, to you care for your body, eat the right foods and take the appropriate precautions (not vitamins) and you will not be sick…. The point is – In you already lies the very thing that can kill you, and at the same time, in you lies the very truth that can save you. This is a medical book and nothing in this book is theological, but for me there is no separation of that which is spiritual and that which is secular… Therefore this choice is just as much a spiritual revelation as it is a medical truth.

The Spirit of Truth has been given to the world to bring forth conviction. This truth either leads us to live a life of repentance, rejoicing in the Glory of God, or we reject this truth, bringing forth our own death. At the end of each day – our lives are filled with thousands of small choices, and every one of them matters. The big choice which is often the focus of most debate… is not ours to make… And no one chooses Cancer… but every day you choose what to eat, to exercise or not, whether or not to brush my teeth, how to engage others, forgive or not, and if I view the world as positive or negative etc… and these choices will impact the reality of cancer being made manifest in your life. Be clear I am not saying, if you don’t do these things you will get cancer, or that if you do these things you can’t get cancer… I am saying you already have cancer… NOW WHAT? Personally, I don’t know quite how to apply this to my brother who was diagnose with terminal cancer at age 5…!!! John 9 presents this sincere regarding a blind man asking who sinned he or his parents. Jesus says neither… and yet the truth remained that man of John 9 was born blind…In my life, my brother died of cancer… I cannot tell you why it happened, or how it could have been prevented… but I live my life everyday unto the Glory of God making holistic choices that war against the plan of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy my life and I intercede for the lives of those around me.

This Kingdom of God is not a matter of the body or the soul; rather it is rooted in our spirit as the identity of the Father, initiated by the Son, ignited by the Spirit. And yet little choices we make every day are going to be expressed via our body and soul. Therefore we can see the Kingdom when our spirit is made alive by the Spirit of God, but to enter the Kingdom, we must submit our body and soul to the Glory of God. This act of submission is declared by the waters of baptism. Water Baptism is not the point… much like eating alkaline rich foods for your health are not the point, but it is a choice. Baptism is a choice of submission. This is why in baptism we renounce the identity of the world, and proclaim the identity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit over us. Again, water baptism does not save you, but it is the means by which the Body of Jesus Christ (read as the church) celebrates you as part of the body unto the Glory of God. Your identity of the world is pronounced dead, and the Life of Christ is called forth (Let’s kill cancer, before it kills us). When you are baptized and how you are baptized are little decisions, so let little decisions culminate– be baptized with the water and the Spirit.

  • Being “Born again” is a work of the Spirit to lead us to Jesus. (We see the Kingdom)
  • Being “baptized in the Spirit” is a work of Jesus leading us into the power of the Holy Spirit. Read more about these last two sentences here. (We enter the Kingdom)

The choice to enter the Kingdom follows every day after you are born from above, because you have been chosen from above, the choice is to follow the principles of the King. Look at these parables on this: Treasure/Pearl (Matt 13:44-46) Unmerciful Servant (Matt 18:21-35), The workers in the vineyard (Matt 20:1-16), Tenants (Matt 21:33-45), Wedding Banquet (Matt 22:1-14), 10 Virgins (Matt 25:1-13), Talents (Matt 25:14-30) Sheep & Goats (Matt 25:31-46) In each of these the Kingdom of God is found in a choice. The little things matter – daily be with God investing in *intimacy*, feed your body, soul, & spirit what it needs – to be equipped, and edify the body of Christ – *fecundity*, listen to the Spirit testifying to your spirit. – *ecstasy*. The option of the Kingdom is marked by our adoption into the Kingdom. You cannot choose it, for it chooses you, you cannot earn it, for your admittance has already been paid for, you cannot achieve it for even the most zealous endeavor of piety will not open the doors of the Kingdom. What then does opens the door to the Kingdom? – It is a simple choice, made with every breath of the day – to walk in the Truth of the Spirit. This choice is to experience the joy of Heaven touching Earth at this very moment in your life. To be able to see the Kingdom is to be born again…There are many who have salvation (see the Kingdom), attend church, and will one day go to heaven, but to enter the now Kingdom is a choice. Entering the joy of heaven on earth is a choice you will make every day until the very day that you enter the heavens, on longer dwelling on this earth.

Questions to further your reflection

  1. Do you view your life holistically where all aspects inter-relate? (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relational, Spiritual, Missional, Cultural…)
  2. What are the little choices you make every day to be healthy, honoring your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit?
  3. What are the little choices you can make every day to have healthy relationships with others, honoring The Body – where your life is a witness and testimony to the mission of Christ?

If all this was too complicated. Look at this wonderful graphic that depicts little choices of successful people verse unsuccessful.

Successful vs unSuccessful

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