Relationships Redefined

Kingdom Principle: The Kingdom yields rights not rules in our relationships.

Hosea 1:2-10 Psalm 85 Colossians 2:6-15, (16-19) Luke 11:1-13

This is not about being able to define relationships, rather this is expressing the reality that God redefines our relationship with everything else when we are in relationship with Him.

  • The relationship between Hosea & Gomer is not as it as it seems…
  • The relationship between Israel & the Land is not as it seems…
  • The relationship between God & the disciples is not as it seems…
  • The relationship between Christ and the church is not as it seems…
    • Each relationship has been redefined.

This redefinition is the core of transformation. In this way all the rules that were applied before the relationship are no longer applicable. In this way there are no longer rules that govern the relationship, rather there are new rights. In the Kingdom of God – freedom is a right, Grace is a right, forgiveness is a right, Mercy is a right. These are declarations of truth that are fully given to you on the path of life in the Kingdom. In this realm of relationship, it is yours to explore rather than having rules to follow.  When Jesus says “Follow Me” this is not followed by rules or guidelines, it is followed by a journey across the land.

When we follow the rules expecting to be rewarded, the rule is a means to an end. In the Kingdom the King rules. This rule is not a means to an end, rather it is the end and the reward rolled into one thing – A Relationship. When we follow Jesus, the reward is not in the completion it is in the transformation. Hosea is transformed in his obedience, yet to be obedient to God as King, he must deviate from the rules and expectations that had been set before him. This is a mark of surrender.  In this way he is transferred into a new “land” and transformed in his obedience. When you read Hosea and wonder – WHY?, HOW? Or any others state of perplexed wonder – the reality must set in that this is exactly what Jesus has done for us.

In Christ, we have been transferred from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. This new land is only accepted through the covering of Christ’s blood – the forgiveness of sin. In this land, sin no longer rules  – therefore it matters not what you eat or drink or if you observe religious services. It is the FREEDOM which is a right, yet in this right, we are subject to the rule of the King which guides and speaks to our heart and conscience. In this way we are slaves to righteousness rather than to the law.

Therefore: Does your relationship with the King yield more rights or rules in your life. In the Kingdom of Christ as King – it is rights. (If it feels like rules, seek forgiveness and embrace grace. What are the right you declare based on your relationship of the King. If you do not know the answer to this – Check out go to I am renewed to discover prayers, declarations and commands of the Kingdom.


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