If its not Right! Ask -is it Relevant?

Kingdom Principle:  Justice & Righteousness supersede Peace & Prosperity

Confession & repentance unite us in faith by hope for love.

Job 1:1, 2:1-10 Psalm 26 Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12 Mark 10:2-16

Over the last four weeks we have laid out the path of salvation in Jesus Christ, which opens the door to the Kingdom he has ushered unto us. This path is for a people of Faith, following a plan of Hope, fulfilling a purpose of Love. In this we established much, one aspect of this is in discovering your purpose of love – peace and prosperity are your reward.  But what happens when you don’t get what you deserve?  Be cautious on how you answer, remembering what the concept of Mercy – Mercy is not receiving what you deserve.  But what about when we do what is right, when we follow God’s law, when we serve others without expectation of return, when we extend forgiveness and offer grace to those in need. Where is our reward for that? This the reward of being blameless and upright, fearing God and shunning evil – living a life that pleases God. Believers in Christ are not to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Jesus To GET A reward – rather the reward is in finding their life.  Where Christianity becomes a means to an end – and the end is an earthly reward, it is only confession and repentance which opens the door to mercy.  Discovering your unique calling and purpose as designed by the creator and being empowered to take hold of all that God has destined you for. This is your reward!

But there must be more – If doing what is right, does not always bring the reward or benefits which  I was hoping for – how are we to proclaim the gospel as Good News and  for what reason do I live my life in the Kingdom. It must be relevant or death is a better option than life and accepting salvation and committing suicide to escape this world be noble. This is not so and Justice is concept that upholds it.  The prophet Amos – brings the most beautiful picture of justice intermingled with righteousness in Amos chapter 5.  Overall it says – Seek the Lord and live – reject justice and you lose righteousness as well. The Lord will grant Justice and honor righteousness, but beware – it is not your efforts that bring the favor and mercy of God, it is solely by his decree that this shall be so…

Justice is the key component to understanding why when God cast the origin of evil – the Devil – to rule upon this earth, that he left humanity in charge of the message to proclaim the Gospel.  It would seem evil to leave your children in the hands of a murderer, liar and thief and God is not evil. God has not abandoned us nor will He forsake us. He has offered to his children the power of the Holy Spirit who has conquered the enemy through Christ’s death on the cross. This act of Grace is received by faith granting us salvation – meaning we enter the Kingdom of God being removed from the Empire of Darkness. In this we are made enemies of the Devil rather than living as enemies of God. God’s justice is the overriding rule that if peace and prosperity in this world are not granted unto you – Peace and prosperity of the Kingdom are yours in abundance.  This is not simply a future promise of eternal fruit. It is commitment in this life that if the fruit that was due you, which has been stolen and thwarted by your enemy, will be made right by the Justice of the Lord. Justice is served in response to the enemy or an agent of the enemy intruding into a righteous believer’s life.  in the same way an unrighteousness act gives permission to the devil to do bring his rule the justice rather than God. This is why confession and repentance are of such importance, they nullify the enemies rights.  (A future post will focus on this) Overall this is why Jesus had to go to the cross – to bring justice to the sin of the world.

While grace is the imparting unto believers more than can be asked for and receiving all that we need in Christ. Justice is God’s vengeance that is experienced by those who enter the kingdom of God but are robed of peace and prosperity unjustly by the enemy.  Job did not receive mercy– rather justice was served  in response to the absence of in his receiving mercy.  When we cry out for justice we are asking for the Righteous Judge to prevail over us. Job’s suffering was an act of God withholding his Mercy (this is a double negative- Satan asked to inflict pain, but God took responsibility) – so justice is God’s righteousness being pronounced over all.  To those who are righteous, this gift brings peace and prosperity, to those who are not righteous, this gift brings destruction and death.

How do I walk in righteousness and claim justice over my life?

1. Prayer and Forgiveness. We looked at prayer last week. And now connecting these two we see that extending forgiveness brings about the Lord’s justice.  It nullifies the rights of the enemy which makes justice righteous. In Prayer and Forgiveness, we model peace and prosperity, trusting in God’s provision rather than our own rights.

2. Live in the Spirit. Let your body and soul be cleaned and washed in the blood of Jesus – meaning – die to yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus.  Be fully are where you are at, in each moment. Don’t waste time asking, What if, Why me, or How come…..  rather sing His praises and trust in Him.

3. Ask God to examine your heart and mind. Submit yourself to God, rather than opening yourself up to the devil. Know that the devil will come against you, but when he does without right – Justice will be served. Therefore – remove the rights of the enemy to bring harm unto. The enemy comes against you based on invitation or intrusion. Intrusion will be returned with Justice.

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