Libations of Liberation

Kingdom Principle:  Thirsty people dwell on their needs; thankful people dwell on their knees.

Exodus 17:1-7 Psalm 95 Romans 5:1-11 John 4:5-42

It is very possible to drink so much alcohol that you remember nothing of the events that occurred last night – unless you have a tattoo to reconcile, or a bad relationship to justify. If you drink the libation of this world, you may end up on your knees praying to a porcelain god, but this is not the libations of liberty to which I am speaking this week. Libations of Liberty are the gift of freedom, and it’s free. Everyone loves to drink for free.  There are many reasons why people are driven to “drink” and the simple reason we find in this week’s text is THIRST. Humanity has a built in weakness, thirst. We can live not much longer than three days without water quenching our thirst.  And yet this very “weakness” is the door way by which we enter the strength of the Almighty God, we are delivered from this need, for Jesus is the Living Water and when we drink of his well (will) – we shall thirst no more.  The problem clearly is that most are not enjoying the libations of liberty; rather they are controlled by the libation of lust. In this we have become our own gods.

What is this libation of liberty?

It is the water from the Rock at Horeb. It is the Living Water from Jesus. It is the thirst quenching experience of justification and reconciliation. It is the satisfaction of coming under the care of the Great Shepherd who leads us to still waters so that our soul is refreshed. (Ps. 23)

In drinking of this libation of liberty our weakness is not covered up or simply appeased, rather it is redeemed.  The redemption or removal of thirst is quick, easy and painless, getting to the point to drink of this cup will cost you your life. In Lent we are continually made aware of the struggle and battle which are before our Savior on the way to the cross, in this same way, our battle and trials are full of this cup. Yet in drinking this cup Peace is established prior to the suffering, perseverance, character and hope. It is for this reason we rejoice. Further through this process it is at the height of intensified conflict and crisis, the door is opened for our greatest point clarity. (more on this in a future post)  Meaning:

As we addressed last week – suffering will be a reality, but the reasons for us suffering are truly up to you… you can choose – invitation or imitation as your road to suffering, and if you choose neither – suffering will still befall upon you through intrusion. This is why people must drink! Life is hard, but it need not be difficult – When you choose to walk in the steps of Christ, (imitation) you are filled with the living water and it begins to flow out from your heart. (John 7:38 – notice what flows from Nicodemus’ heart in verse v. 50-51.) Thus you imitate both his actions of grace in suffering and truth in salvation. It is through suffering that perfection is accomplished or made complete.  (Hebrews 2:10, 1 Peter 4:12-13)

When you can’t imagine life getting any worse – you are at the bottom of the barrel, the end of your rope…  I pray that you may see an option that was not clear before. The option is that of the woman at the well, to leave your “jar” behind and forge a new path, based on Living Water.  Some will ask – must we get to this point. It is clear that this point is different for all. But YES – you will experience this point of breaking, often many times prior to discovering the fullness life, then many more times as the Lord leads you to learn of his Grace and to trust in his Truth.  The crucible of life is a beautiful thing – in this crucible – where the fire is most intense the purity of the refinement is most complete.  The beauty of the Scriptures this week is that God is clearly offering the gift of transformation (to be justified and reconciled) as a gift.

Moses must go back out and face the people, the woman must return to the village and declare what has been told; this is done not in strength of ourselves, but rather but the strength in the words of another. The promise of Living Water. It is this same water that rushes over our hearts to which Paul declares that we must rejoice and boast in the hope of the Glory of God for we have been saved!

Do you need a libation of liberty?

  • You do when you are feeling weak, and unable to go forward.
  • You do when you are under so much pressure that all you want to do is hide, sleep, run, or even die.
  • You do when you are alone, lost, confused, worried, troubled and irritated.

You do when you are living each day on your own strength doing what you can to just get through to the next. This cup which we are being offered is the cup to freedom – and in drinking of is not simply a means to get to tomorrow, it is a removal of all that stands against us. This gift is called PEACE and peace comes not from understanding (Phil 4:4-9) but by faith through righteousness.

There are two ways to find peace, 1. numb your body & soul so that it feels nothing, (this is most often sought through the libations of the local bar) or 2. Be filled with God’s love which has been poured out into your hearts through the Holy Spirit. In this your body and soul are redeemed to need nothing for to do the will of the Father is the nourishment and source of hope.

How do I do this:

1. Come to the LORD and Cry out for the waters of salvation. Seek in faith; renewal & replenishment.

2. Respond with joy and thanksgiving for all things in your life. (Declare justification is complete, reconciliation is a reality, and redemption is a gift.)

3. Come and worship, kneel before the Lord our Maker.  (You can join Sunday @ 10:00 am if you like)

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