Need more time in your day?

Updated 10/24/14

Kingdom Principle – Time in the Kingdom is not linear, nor limited

Key Words: Busy-ness, Balance, Time Perspective

Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 Matthew 22:34-46

Every year in August, rough 30 new families enter my life for a season. During this season these families will be with me three times a week, we will have a number of extra gatherings and celebrations. The parents entrust their children to me, to develop them, encourage them and to train them to be the best they can be. Then the season simply ends 4 months later and they go on their way, only to repeat the process next year with 30 new families. I love being an AYSO Soccer Coach.  It is about the game and not about winning – even though the point of the game is to win.  Most years my teams lose many games early on in the season, because I am developing them to be soccer players and to understand the whole game and every position. By the end of the season they become a team and begin to win…

Are you able to live your life in seasons or do you rise and fall on every game? The way of the world is to celebrate a win, and to cover up a loss. We live in world that thinks win-lose – meaning if I win, someone else has to lose and vice versa if I win someone else has to lose. But in the Kingdom of God, losing is not a loss and winning is not the only goal.  Moses did not enter the Promise land, but his life was rivaled by no others, and his body did not wither –He did not reach the goal of the promised land. Paul did not go to the church of Thessalonica in vain, he went to share his life regardless of the outcome. God does not view time (or life) in the same way that we do as is made clear in the Psalm…. Life in the Kingdom of God is not measured by a linear time-line that is supposed to improve or get better, nor is it limited to being defined by the events that are taking place at the moment. The mistake of the Pharisees in the passage here is they accept failure as defeat and fail to see the bigger picture of the development that Jesus is bringing to their lives.

The Kingdom of God moves on “Chronos” Seasons that is filled with “Kairos” moments.  To move in the Kingdom you must not mistake a “kairos” moment as having the same significance of the “chronos” season.  This is most clearly identified in people who do not have enough time to get everything done. When you are going through life always out of time, you are being defined by “kairos” moments.  While each moment is to be fully lived into, don’t ever let a moment define you. God moves in seasons and some seasons are filled to many moments while others seem to simply flow. We have just come through a season that is traditionally filled with many moments. (there will be late post referring to Hebrew Calendar / Celebrations)  So step back and look at the season of the past 45 days not simply the up’s or down’s.

Do you feel like you’re always running out of time – take 2 min at the end of each day to make three bullet points. 1. One person who crossed your path that day that made you smile or simply pause to reflect in a positive manner. 2. One karios moment you are thankful for from that day. 3. One act of kindness you can add to your day tomorrow.  (This can be to smile at the person that crossed your path that day. It does not need to be big, keep it very simple.  – Say Good Morning to the barista at Starbucks or your co-worker you usually walk right past)

By doing these simple acts – your perspective will move from kairos to chronos. Yes, I am adding activities to your day to answer the question of running out of time. This is the paradox of the Kingdom and you must come to the perspective of life (time) is not linear or limited by actually adding moments and time to your day.

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