When you don’t have time to breathe – beware of what takes your breath away

Kingdom Principle: The salvation of the King is the only true peace.

Isaiah 40:1-11 Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13 2 Peter 3:8-15a Mark 1:1-8

Being in Mexico for a few days reminded me how much comfort I get from my watch (which broke), my phone (which did not work), my hair being done (if I gel my hair the kids pull at it all day) and the simple comfort of a set schedule… yet these comforts fail in comparison to knowing that I was in the right place doing the right thing for both myself and the Kingdom. I feel total security driving the roads of Mexico. In this last trip, reflecting over the last 10 years, confirmed many thoughts in me for the next steps in life here and what it means to be on mission for the Kingdom. The Guidance I was looking for was found in Him, but the other comforts needed to be removed for me to see the true comfort.

What brings you comfort? The virtues of comfort are Wisdom, Power, Guidance, and Security and the vices of comfort are Money, Possessions, Food &/or Drugs, Labels and Relationships in general. These Vices are not negative in and of themselves or wrong, however if they become the center of one’s life then become a false center of purpose. The virtues of comfort are used by Steven Covey in Habit 2, to guide you to your goals which are based on your purpose. The difference between the two lists is that the virtues produce in patience in you, which when matched with purpose yields a true peace. The vices rather than producing patience are usually more inclined to grow your desire for instant gratification.

The person who knows their purpose and has the perspective of patience will know peace beyond any discomfort…. So the question becomes not what gives you comfort, but what has the power to take away your peace? (It is usually the same thing that takes your breathe away…)

Peace for me has been remembered as not the absence of the storm, rather the calm amidst a storm. When we think about patience we often direct our thoughts to time. How long am I willing to wait for a event to happen indicates how much patience I have. But in the Scriptures we see that time is not relevant to patience. In fact I might add “time” to the list of vices if it were to be seen as giving you comfort.

John the Baptist  – knew his purpose, in that he was at peace waiting for the coming messiah. His comfort came not from his possessions, or his relationships, and he laid all labels down, only to patiently wait for the King to rise!  As we turn our hearts to God, wisdom and guidance will be given as we recognize his power and security in the Salvation given by Grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.  So does this mean we are to wear camel skin and eat locusts and honey – you may if you wish – but more importantly we are to be covered by the righteousness of Christ and to feed on his Word that does not fail.

For you and I today – To increase our comfort and peace – we must work out and grow up in our salvation with is a Gift from God.  It is very simple – Let your patience rest in  “Jesus is Lord” and your purpose to “Love the Lord”. The hard part in is finding ways to put everything in our lives under the heading of “Jesus is Lord” or “Loving the Lord” …. But try just for a moment – to put everything in your life under one of those two headings…

Jesus is Lord (Rule)– of my children & wife, of my possessions, of my life… etc

Loving the Lord (Reign)– in my work and relationships, with my money and time…. etc

As there may be things in your life that do not fit under these headings – you have found places in your life where the rule and reign of the Kingdom is not complete. This is what remains for you to work out and grow up into Salvation. Where does my desire to watch TV fit? What about my desire to vacation and relax, or the ways in which I wish for others be punished for their lifestyle….  For the most part these are the places of my life where comfort comes from something other the Salvation of my King who rules and reigns over the Kingdom.

Take a breath  -inhale saying “Jesus is Lord”…. Then exhale saying “I love the Lord”. In this you are increasing your Peace and Comfort by claiming that your very breath is a gift from God. It is simple but this practice will take your attention off of the things that cause distress and refocus you on Wisdom, Power, Guidance and Security.

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1 Response to When you don’t have time to breathe – beware of what takes your breath away

  1. I was trying to remember this over and over again last night as I hearing my fence be torn apart in the wind…..
    Then today – contacted my insurance agent – he said get a quote and we can help – as soon as I hung up – the phone rang – it was a construction agent in the area – able to come by with in an hour…. most of time you hate that call – today it was a welcomed conversation.

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