Custom Order or One-Size fits all?

One Size fits all or Special order?

Kingdom Principle: The Kingdom of God is universal based on the uniqueness of each person.

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 Luke 1:46b-55 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 John 1:6-8, 19-28

People believe based on scientific evidence that no two people are exactly alike – knowing that no two people have the same fingerprint…. Yet all of humanity has the same building blocks of DNA. DNA is universal to humanity; fingerprints are unique to every person. In the Kingdom of God,  the Salvation of the King has a DNA for all of humanity and it is expressed in the uniqueness of each person’s message. We touched on that DNA last week, here we are going to look at the uniqueness of each person’s message.

When God’s salvation becomes my salvation it changes me. This change clarifies the uniqueness of the message that will come from me.

The question that most of us hold is “What is my unique message or what are the right good works for me to do?”  The reality is that if anyone simply tells you what your unique message is – I am very suspect that the uniqueness of that message has not been compromised by the giver. (Remember the concept of being a door verses a mirror – post on 10/31/11) The impact of God’s universal salvation on a unique person is described in the Thessalonians passage above, and yet there is a personal impact where the person is sanctified at the most unique and personal level of human description fond in the Scriptures –  your spirit, your soul and your body are each uniquely designed from the rest of the creation.   John the Baptist was able to leap in the womb of Elizabeth when Jesus was in the womb of Mary – this is a mark of their personal spirit’s connecting not their body or soul. Our Bodies being unique as describe in fingerprints is easy, our body is far more unique that that – based on blood type, genetics, and may other factors, our soul is also a unique expression of who we are that is separate from our spirit and our body. Our soul which is dependent on the body for expression is the make-up of our personality, character, values all impacted by the context we find ourselves. This is far more complicated that I can go into here, but here is the point:

YOU have a unique message to share for the Kingdom of God to be completed. The best way to begin the process of articulating that message is through reading of the Scriptures the “source code” of God’s DNA . Within the Scriptures is Diving Truth, a Trauma Truth and a personal Truth will emerge making you alive… from there, that message is personalized in you by your holding in tandem the Kingdom of God as you see it around you and the Kingdom of God as it lives in you.

Jesus has a unique message as found in his divine truth of Isaiah 61, his trauma truth was found in the prophecies of the Old Testament and from his Personal Truth we learn that his food was to complete the work of the Father and to destroy the work of the devil. Connect this to the good works we were uniquely prepared for as found in Eph. 2:10.

If you don’t know your Divine, Trauma and Personal truth from the Scriptures start there… (review post on Oct. 25) If you do… then begin to look at your values and strengths (post on Nov. 9 ) finally connect the dots with the context you are in and where you can apply yourself at this present moment.

Some easy steps to begin the process:

  1. Rejoice  – We all need to learn to feel the joy of Salvation…..
  2. Pray  – We all need to learn to hear his voice.
  3. Give Thanks – We all need to learn to see things more as God sees them
  4. When you sense something or a nudge to do something new…. Do it
  5. Do it as long as it does not conflict with the Scriptures
  6. Begin to listen to your body…. Ex. Don’t feed it until it tells you it’s hungry… when it is thirsty it needs water, when you are tired sleep…
  7. Begin to listen to your soul…. Ex.  What emotions are you feeling that are not “righteous” take those to the Lord and your Trauma Truth, What passions and dreams live in you, which you have given up on or simply let die…. Write them down.
  8. Begin to listen to your spirit… grow your spirit by search the Scriptures for your Divine Truth, follow “weird convictions to drive down a different route, to ask a stranger a question or to speak up when you don’t know what to say…
  9. Know that God is faithful and he will complete these things in you

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5 Responses to Custom Order or One-Size fits all?

  1. C lara says:

    Today I a came across a parent I had not seen in quite a while. We talked for a bit on how our children were doing ,and in doing so, she asked me about Audrey. I assumed she was asking about how she was doing medically since a lot of parents frequently ask, but apparently she did not know about her unique situation the year prior. So I openly shared how God had seen us thru such a trying time in our lives and how thankful we were for her life today. Even as I spoke I felt a sense of something powerful in the words and my story. As I looked at her, her eyes filled up with tears and she said, “that just gives me chills”.
    It reminded me that our story is unique and powerful, that we need to share/speak of God’s tangible prescence and power in our lives, you never know how it will touch someone personally. May our words be salt!

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