Holy Spirit gives Lottery #’s to big winners!

Updated Jan. 2015

Kingdom Principle – The Holy Spirit moves, motivates and molds the heart of the Kingdom.

Genesis 1:1-5 Psalm 29 Acts 19:1-7 Mark 1:4-11

Winning the lottery is a very real hope for many people. Even if they never win,  just having the hope of winning is enough to motivate people to get up  in the morning and keep playing. They have faith knowing that  if by chance – they win… all things will change in that moment.  Think of how foolish it would be to buy a lottery ticking, hoping to win, only to refuse to check your ticket to see if your numbers are the big winner. And yet, this is the very foolishness that many Christians live their life – having access (a ticket in their hands) to the Holy Spirit, but never checking-in to see if what they have makes any difference.  Statistically, people know the lottery is not going to be won by everyone, the odds are not in their favor – but it still yields a billion dollar draw – with the very hope that it might someday pay off. The Holy Spirit is unlimited in its ability to be a “pay-off” for everyone who “plays” but too many are going through the motions of Christianity (having a ticket, but not checking the numbers) and not even seeming to miss the benefits of the Holy Spirit.

While much has been written in this blog on the “benefits of the Spirit”:

This will be a reflection on what prevents us from hearing the Holy Spirit in your life – which is as simple and necessary as checking your numbers to see if you won the lottery…. (for a how-to guide – here is the best book I have found) For believers in Jesus Christ, you have given your life to him (possessing a lottery ticket), but there is so much more for you, in learning to hear from him each day (checking your numbers). Please forgive the gambling references to the role of the Holy Spirit – and rather focus on the foolishness of buying a lottery ticket – only resist checking the numbers…. Let’s avoid this foolishness in our pursuit to Exalt the King and Expand the Kingdom.

For too many believers in Jesus, the reason the Holy Spirit does not make any difference in their lives is that they are content living their lives without hearing from the Spirit. There are those who live in this contentment out of ignorance, much like the men who Paul encountered in Ephesus, and there are others who actually choose not to have the Holy Spirit overwhelm their plans.  The root issue of this is a lie from the enemy, that proclaims you can “enjoy the comfort and control of their lives” without the disruption of the Spirit. Yet tied to this lie is a truth that the Holy Spirit can not be contained or controlled by us. During this season of Epiphany (Jan. – Feb) we will be looking at the difference – The Holy Spirit makes in the lives of those who live in the Kingdom of God.

When Jesus was baptized, by John it was not because he “needed” it – it is because we needed it.  Jesus was without sin – and John’s baptism was one of repentance and forgiveness of sin. It is no wonder that John questioned this act of baptism Jesus stating “I’m not worthy to baptize you…”  and yet in this act the Heavens were torn open and the Holy Spirit descended.  This is certainly not the first time the Holy Spirit moved on the earth, but it does exemplify the movement of God’s Spirit upon our lives when we open ourselves and publicly declare that He is our King. In this the King declares that we are his children.

Below are three ways to look at why you may not be hearing the Holy Spirit.  These will contrast the way we move in life between a GPS and a SPG system.  Most of us have experienced  a GPS directional system (global positioning systems) which is not on all smart phones.  SPG stands for Spiritual Positioning Guidance, in order to be guided by the Spirit we must learn to position ourselves to hear the Spirits “voice”. We must learn to tune into the right signal.  Without the right web address, all the information of the Internet is of no use to you, but just because you don’t access it, does not remove its presence.  What many believers really want is GPS to tell us where to go,  not SPG (Holy Spirit Guidance) to tell us who we are.

Are you motivated by the Destination? (Where)

  • GPS – we input where we want to go
  • SPG- we receive where we need to be

We don’t hear because we are not asking. – Luke 11:9-13

Are you motivated by the Directions? (How)

  • GPS – we expect the “quickest” route
  • SPG – we experience the “best” rout

We don’t hear because we are not listening – Luke 12-27-34

Are you motivated by the Information? (What & Why)

  • GPS – we depend on the most current updated results
  • SPG – we draw from the wisdom and awareness of the ages

We don’t hear because we over-value what we already know. – Luke 12:54-13:9

This week  – Ask the Holy Spirit to “speak to you”, Then take time to listen… Finally – “Check your numbers” this is a metaphor for learning how to embrace and experience your story through a God given lens and purpose. These “numbers” are what lead you to the a winning combination.

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