Love or Fear – What motivates you more?

Updated Dec. 2014

Kingdom Principle –  Fail forward in Love, rather than being frozen in Fear.

2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16 Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26 Romans 16:25-27 Luke 1:26-38

What motivates you more – love or fear?  Do you not steal from your work, because you love your boss/company or because you don’t want to get caught and fired? Do you remain faithful to your spouse/friends because you love them or because you fear what life would be like without them? Do you have good hygiene because you love yourself or because you fear the ridicule and rejection of others? (These questions are reflected in the post on 9/11/11) Many times we don t look closely at what truly motivates us to do the things we do – in fact we often simply assume that our motivations are good if the results are good. God’s motivations are always pure – which means His motivations are always based on Love.  As seen above – the same “right or good” outcomes can result from very opposing motivations…(this is why right actions are not the focus of the kingdom see post 9/25/11)  If you based you goodness on your actions – no stealing, no cheating, no lying but all these things are rooted in fear, then as we learn in 1 John 4:18 – there is a lack of love in you, because love drives out fear.

When the Angel of God appears we often hear him say, “Do not be afraid”. It is interesting that pure love can cause or evoke fear in others. It is our impure motives and nature which is being drawn to the surface as fear? Love will always demand a response – the angel is coaching as much as describing. (Fear often leads to anger which is a secondary emotion – not directly relevant – but interesting for reflection-  why might a message from God evoked anger) For the Angel of God always comes with a message –and this message is not based on what you have done, rather it is that God is giving you the message to go forward. The Angel of God comes to give you a new motive – at first glance we might assume that motive is fear “An Angel of God appeared to me – I better do whatever he says” but the real message of the an Angel is God’s love and the motivation is acceptance and signification from God Almighty. Therefor when the angel says “Do not be afraid” –  yes it is because there is Angel before you, but more importantly do not let fear take root in you.

It is God’s sustaining love that fulfills the commitment to Israel for the line of David’s throne. Jesus is to be born of Mary not based on what she has done, but because who she is and her response to God’s love. David is not chosen to be King – not based on what he has done or will do (both good and bad) rather based on his response to God’s love.

Is it possible for you and I to be motivated by Love and to encourage others to do the same. Yes,  for nothing is impossible with God, but what does it look like to un-root the fear in you and I?  It looks the same was allowing Love to take root in us– for Love drives out fear. Here is how to let Love take root and motivate you in all things:

  1. Take your focus off of your fear by…  Stop asking Why and What if…
  2. Believe that nothing is impossible for God by…    Asking How and saying Here I am….
  3. Accept God’s love and forgiveness for all the past fear-based failures
  4. Ask God’s love and faithfulness to lead you forward
  5. Remember, Do not be afraid – don’t discount what God shows you for the future
  6. Live in Obedience of Faith – walk forward not because you can, but because he called.

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9 Responses to Love or Fear – What motivates you more?

  1. Angela Cox says:

    This morning as I was out running and was watching the sun rise, I then turned and looked at the moon. The Lord reminded me in whatever I do to follow Him…whether by day or by night Lord lead me to do what is right! The What if is my struggle… what if I did something to hurt or make someone mad, what if they dont want to talk to me anymore, what if, what if….Lord take the what ifs and help me to follow your lead and to do what is right!

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