Wonder why you try so hard only to get so little.

This post has been updated 3/3/2015.

Kingdom Principle: God brings order with chaos and chaos to order.

Exodus 20:1-17 Psalm 19 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 John 2:13-22

Everything happens with purpose, when purpose is discovered power is released. This is true is every aspect of God’s Creation. From the motion of the sun and orbits of the plant to the Law of God given to the Israelites, God has set a way for all things to be. The old saying – work smarter not harder – applies well here – discover your purpose and live into it –rather than work harder to prove what you are doing it good/right…  Because when things are out of order, order must be restored. However to bring order to chaos  – more order is rarely the method of choice. Rather chaos is confronted in a radical yet principled governing way.

If humanity messes with “nature” – to obstruct the order that God has set forth. There will be a greater principle that God can and will evoke in order to restore order. God is a long-suffering and patience God – this need not be a quick fix. This is seen in the way God will give humanity over to their own desires, actually bringing to light the original intentions and purposes set for by the King of Kings in their extreme reactions and conclusions. Jesus made this famous, by turning the other cheek. The greater principle is meekness to confront the weakness found in another lack of self-control. The order is for us to love one another and that order must be re-established.

There is nothing in creation without purpose – this includes you and me. There is nothing in our lives without purpose – this includes suffering and celebration. We must find the purpose in all things and in all things find must ourselves renewing and discovering our purpose. In the Gospel of John we see the cleansing & turning of the temple at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry – in the other three gospels we find in placed at the conclusion. There is purpose to this…   As Paul proclaims the foolishness of the cross, what he is pronouncing is the profound purpose that God set for, so as to turn the signs of the Jew and wisdom of the Greeks on their heads. There is purpose in the cross beyond a means of death.

Where does an event or experience seem out of the normal – seek out its purpose and embrace the principles of the Kingdom. This is not simply for the negative events of life or suffering. There is purpose in your obedience, in your faithfulness and in your following the ways of God. Where does faithfulness lacking fruitfulness? Where is following not leading to fulfillment? It is in these moments that we have the clearest picture to see our purpose or more clearly the lack of purpose – if your faithfulness and following is not yielding fruit and fulfillment – you may have missed or miss used your purpose.  God longs to bless and provided for you and this is done as you live into your God given design and purpose.

Do you long to live into the purpose God has set before you? Follow the fruit of the kingdom and the fulfillment of your heart.  Don’t look to the world for this validation. Look to the Word, and faithfully live in obedience following fruit and fulfillment.

What is the fruit that you desire from your faithfulness?

What is the fulfillment you desire from your following?

Want more help on this – let me know I have a worksheet I can send to you….

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