Life is messy – control it and miss the point.

Kingdom Principle: God brings order with chaos and chaos to order.

Exodus 20:1-17 Psalm 19 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 John 2:13-22

Everything happens with purpose, but not always is the purpose understood. When purpose is discovered, power is released. This is true in every aspect of God’s Creation; from the motion of the sun and the orbit of the planets, to the Law of God and the 10 commandments given to Israel. God has set and determined a way for all things to be. (This is not to say that God is determining the outcome of all things… rather that there is a God established way…) The old saying – “work smarter not harder” applies well here, when you discover your purpose and live into it you will find yourself working smarter rather than work harder. Hopefully, you will still work hard, but because you have no need to prove what you are doing is good/right, your efforts are all directed at your purpose. When things are out of order, it is the way of God to restore such order. However to bring chaos to order – simply better order is rarely the method of choice. When chaos is confronted, order looks like the foolishness of the cross. This paradox of the Kingdom is what establishes the radical yet principled way of the King’s rule and reign. We must beware of the subtle thought that something that looks orderly that it is right –the Pharisee’s life was full of order – but that is why Jesus’ way, truth and life was chaos to them. Life is intended to be messy… because in the mess of life we discover the peace of the Lord.

There is nothing in creation without purpose – this includes you and me. There is nothing in our lives without purpose – this includes suffering and celebration. But purpose is not the same as control.  The enemy uses our desire for control to blind us from discovering our true purpose found in surrendering and submitting to the King of Kings. We must find the purpose in all things and in all things we must find ourselves renewing and discovering greater purpose. In the Gospel of John we see the cleansing & turning of the temple at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry – in the other three gospels we find in placed at the conclusion. The Temple looked orderly as the rows of market sellers and dealers filled the courts, but through upheaval and “chaos” Jesus brought true order to the rebellions money changers. There is purpose to this…   As Paul proclaims the foolishness of the cross, he is pronouncing the profound purpose that God set forth, to turn the signs of the Jews and wisdom of the Greeks on their heads. There is purpose in the cross beyond a means of death. Without knowing this purpose, it would be impossible for us today to sing a song like “The Wonderful Cross”.

There is purpose in your obedience, (see last week) in your faithfulness and in your following the ways of God.

Psalm 19 uses 6 different words to create the depth of the purpose given to the ways of the LORD- law, statutes, precepts, commands, fear, and decrees are all different words to bring for the depth of fruit and fulfillment in our obedience to the ways God has established for his creation. Yet:

  • Where does your faithfulness lack fruitfulness?
  • Where is your following not leading to fulfillment?

It is in these moments that we have the clearest picture to see our purpose or more clearly the lack of purpose. When your faithfulness and following is not yielding fruit and fulfillment – you may have missed or simply miss-used your purpose.  God longs to bless and provided for you and this is done as you live into your God given design and purpose.

We all have general purpose – The Great Commandment – Love God and others…. The Great Commission – Go therefore and make disciples… further our purpose is to be ministers of reconciliation, and as image bearers of the King…. Yet, we all have specific purpose as well – Do you know your… if not check out these posts: Joy in your uniqueness, Resiliency to press on, Peace in your Purpose, your work as purpose.

The point of the post is to see that God is limited in the ways in which purpose is revealed. It is revealed in the order and orbit of the sun. It is revealed in the upside-down proclamation of the cross and that in our weakness, true strength is discovered. In Psalm 19:7-9, there are 6 different words used to describe the totality of God’s ways given to his people that they might walk in a righteous path receiving the great reward. Each of these words hold a key to us fully discovering our purpose. They are the Kings’ tools for the transformation of our inner being.

Do you long to live into the purpose God has set before you? Follow the fruit of the kingdom and the fulfillment of your heart.  Don’t look to the world for this validation. Look to the Word, and faithfully live in obedience following fruit and fulfillment.

What is the fruit that you desire from your faithfulness?

What is the fulfillment you desire from your following?

Click here to see how the 10 Commandments, The Be-Attitudes, The Lord’s Prayer and Romans 12 all align to proclaim the same truth about Servant Leadership and living a life of love and gratitude. (Purpose)

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