Shut your mouth to chew

Updated on 10/22/15

Kingdom Principle:  We are all blind until we see ourselves as God sees us.

Blindness prevents us from seeing our imperfections.

Job 42:1-6, 10-17Psalm 34:1-8, (19-22) Hebrews 7:23-28 Mark 10:46-52

I wish I was able to write this more timely and far more clearly – but I am suffering from my own blindness. I have re-written the post twice, knowing that “it needed” to get done and yet the LORD has simply stayed my hands and said…. “TASTE and SEE my goodness….”  So this post begins and continues mainly as a confession “I am waiting on the LORD”. I have asked that my imperfections and strongholds will be melted like wax, and that the mountains of obstacles in my life will be moved into the sea. I have also confessed that where I have made molehills into mountains that the LORD will be gentle to reveal such things unto me. I confess that while I know the principle – the application of such truth remains more desired.

Job was humbled in the presence of the Lord, he knew how big God was and his power and justice, but he had not seen how little he was in comparison. He was blind to this truth until the LORD revealed His glory. Let us fall to our knees, falling silent with our tongue and opening our ears wide.  “Lord, I pray that you will open my ears and my eyes and close my mouth so that see and understand. Now that my mouth is closed LORD, might I chew on your WORD and your presence such that I begin to know the uniqueness of you!” Jesus you have declared that we must eat your flesh and drink your blood. Forgive us for not knowing what that means or to how taste of your goodness and grace. I confess – I am yet to see the big picture…..

Job’s simply missed the big picture, he was blind to his error which lead him to judge God rather than seeing that God will be his Judge. Bartimaeus was blind according to those around him, but he saw clearly who Jesus was. In doing so – Jesus revealed who Bart was to be as well.  What about you and I – and all those who are reading this post? We are not blind – at least not like Bartimaeus… but what about our blindness in the likeness of Job. When we are deceived, it need not be because the enemy is blinding our eyes. It may be simply that we have believed a lie. While all lies are rooted in the father of lies, when we come to believe that lie is a truth, the work of the enemy is done.  This mental block is called a stronghold. Strongholds are places in our lives where we have exchanged the truth of God for a lie. It is not the enemy that is holding it there, and it is not God who put it there – we are keeping it there. It is our blindness to the truth that keeps it there. These strongholds must be touched by God – for us to see clearly. We cannot remove our own blindness – for we are blind to what we do not see. Therefore what can we do? In the Psalm this week v. 8 says “Taste and See that the LORD is good….

When we are sick  – food does not taste right….  In the same way, when we allow strongholds in our lives – the Taste of God’s goodness is made distinct to us. If you have never tasted the goodness of the LORD, then you must ask for the strongholds to be removed. Only then can or will you taste – then if a stronghold emerges or returns you shall know the difference.  We reviewed a few weeks back the power of the tongue as we studied James. There we only addressed the power of the tongue to speak, but now we see the power to taste.  The taste of the LORD has many implications:

1. Jesus tells us that we must eat his flesh and drink his blood. This intimacy of communion with him is to be shared by the Body of Christ. This tasting is the testing of the Body to be unified. When there is perfect unity and sharing of truth within the body – it tastes just right. Just like the blending of the spices and seasonings of flavoring food. We all have gifts and callings – they are to be present in the tasting of the body of Christ. You don’t have to see it, you savor it.

2. We are to offer our lives as living sacrifices. This concept is drawn from the offering of an animal as an sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. The meat of the animal was then prepared as a thanksgiving feast. Enjoyed by friends, family, the poor and the priests all who were in need tasted of the offering.  This is not about service it is about tasting the celebration of the LORD.

3. Have you ever walked into a house where they were cooking and said, “it smells so good I can taste it.” The same is true with the LORD, His presence is so powerful that you can smell and taste the very work of God….  Individually we are called to taste the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. This is the taste that lingers in your mouth after you see the Lord work through you to change the lives of others. You may not have experience this, but ask the LORD for more of his presence and you will come to know the unique taste of the Lord.

4. Finally, the seasons and spices of food, are actually used in prayer as well. There are 5 spices that are blended in the Tabernacle for the Altar of Incense. These bought a specific and perfect blend such that our prayer as well – may match this taste and smell. It is no wonder that our tongue has 5 unique taste buds or abilities to bring distinction to flavors.

Let us know underestimate the power of the tongue, and let us begin to chew with our mouths closed. The word of God is to be chewed and swallowed – may we take the time to taste it on the way down. For if we do, it just might reveal what our eyes are blind to see.

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