You can’t hide your blind spot

Kingdom Principle:  We are all blind until we see ourselves as God sees us.

Spiritual Blindness obstructs Intimacy

Job 42:1-6, 10-17Psalm 34:1-8, (19-22) Hebrews 7:23-28 Mark 10:46-52

Amazing Grace proclaims the song lyric – “I was once was blind but now I see”. This reality is one of biblical proportion. Unfortunately there are many Christians who do not have this testimony as part of their story. (Moving from blindness to sight) Yes, they proclaim that amazing grace is sweet, but they have no understanding via experience of what it means for them to live blind, and now they see. The challenge we face with this reality is that we are blind to what we do not see, therefore a blind spot will not be discovered without outside intervention.

One form of this intervention can be a test from God, another can be revelation from the Holy Spirit, and still another can be the Body of Christ. (A test that integrates each of this can be found at Each of these have their purpose in our formation. Thus in a test, we face a new challenge or circumstance, in revelation we are exposed to wisdom from above, and in the Body of Christ we are called to maintain fellowship when it’s easier to walk away not having to face (see) what pains us, in all of this we are called to face a new reality that we have not seen previously.

Let’s ask God to tell you where your blind spot is, in this there invitation for you to seek out what you have not previously seen. You are inviting God to take you to places you have not gone before.

Ask the LORD, Do I have any Blind spots? Depending on what you hear, ask another question – LORD, will you reveal a blind spot to me? Job was humbled in the presence of the Lord, he knew how big God was and his power and justice, but he had not seen how little he was in comparison.

Job’s blindness was not in relation to God, rather it was with regards to himself. He was blind to his error and arrogance which lead him to judge God rather than seeing that God will be his Judge. Bartimaeus was blind according to the world those around him, but he saw, both himself and who Jesus clearly was. This revelation must have been a work of the Spirt. The call of the Psalm this week is to taste and see that the Lord is good. Which of these bring more challenge to you? (seeing the LORD, or tasting the LORD) How do you SEE the Lord? How do you TASTE the Lord? These are not simple metaphors, they are the call of our body to experience the spiritual reality of the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth.

Those reading this post are not blind – at least not like Bartimaeus… but what about those of us who have blindness like Job. When we are deceived, it need not be because the enemy is blinding our eyes. (in fact this is not possible for believers, it is unbelievers who are blinded by the god of this age 2 Cor. 4:4) Our Blindness is most often linked to the fact that we have chosen to be in agreement with a lie. When we come to believe that a lie is a truth, the work of the enemy is done.  This mental block is called a stronghold. Strongholds are places in our lives where we have exchanged the truth of God for a lie. It is not the enemy that is holding it there, and it is not God who put it there – YOU & I are the ones keeping it there – this is a Blind Spot. It is our blindness to the truth that keeps it there. These strongholds must be revealed and healed, as we addressed above.

With regards to out taste, the same predicament can be true – we may not even know that our taste buds are not working. When we are sick, food does not taste right….  In the same way, when we allow strongholds in our lives – the Taste of God’s goodness is made bland to us. If you have never tasted the goodness of the LORD, then you must ask for strongholds to be removed. Only then can or will you taste – then when a stronghold emerges or returns you shall taste the difference. (In the same way you only know what the taste of sour/spoiled food tastes like, is because you compare it to what is fresh and good.  When we consider the power of the tongue it is often in regards to the power of the tongue to speak, but now here we encounter the power of the tongue to taste.

For us to Taste & See the LORD –we will forever be changed:

In communion do you taste more than bread and juice? Do you see more than others sharing in a sacrament? Seek the Spiritually encounter sacraments as well as to physically experience them.

In prayer, do you words seem to bounce off the ceiling, or do you see yourself in the heavens as you speak? In prayer have you ever has tastes fill your mouth, sometimes these are indicators of the presence of the Lord.

When you cook food, do you taste and see the difference that seasonings bring to the dish. The proper seasonings not only make the food look appealing, they draw all the right flavors out. We are living sacrifices which are to be seasoned with grace, (Col. 4:6) and truth. Might the Lord prompt you to experience a radical new seasoning of flavors and to see a new season of change in your life.

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