A Title is not entitlement

Kingdom Principle: The Kingdom has one King, his name is Jesus.

Jeremiah 23:1-6 Luke 1:68-79 Colossians 1:11-20 Luke 23:33-43

The final Sunday of Lectionary Year C – takes us back to the opening of the year at Advent. There we encountered how: Hope –anchors our Faith, which leads us to Righteousness & Holiness, which produces in us Peace & Joy.  While these same themes are found in the scriptures today, this Sunday is not about us – rather it is about the King who is ruling and reigning over us.   There is a great blog on these Scriptures  and how they establish Jesus as the King of Kings– and I encourage you to read it now… “Journey with Jesus”.

There is one King, but there are two Kingdoms, and all those who enter into the King’s Kingdom have been rescued from the domain (kingdom) of darkness. In the light we discover our purpose and calling given to us by the King. My purpose and calling is fulfilled in the word of Reconciliation and it is my hope to increase the likelihood that Christ followers to Listen, Live and Love as Jesus does. I will give my life as a Coach, Catalyst and Chaplain for the Kingdom of God. It is in this process that we discover together:

Listening intimately in the Presence of the King forms my Identity – and it is discovered by being in the right posture.

Living identified by the Principles of the Kingdom grants me Authority – and it is discovered by being with the right people.

Loving inspired for the Purposes of Kingship anchors my Motivation – and it is discovered by being in the right place.

All of the above is centered on the King. This Sunday will culminate a journey for me with the Reformed Church in America. This is the denomination in which I have been raised, learned from, and discovered how to lead God’s people to exalt the King of Kings. God has called me to finish the process of ordination for He longs for me to learn more about submission and authority so that I might fulfill his calling in my life. I pray this yields the very fruit he has put on my heart.

This Sunday – should you be interested – will be a time of discovery. @ 10:00am we will celebrate Communion in Exaltation of the King – then I will be sharing my journey and understanding of the purposes of Kingship in my life. This will begin and be guided by questions given by you. Please  leave questions in the comments below.

Then at 4:45 pm the denomination will celebrate the culmination of this process and I will be officially be Reverend.

About chaplaincasey

In my Community I am a Chaplain, Coach and Catalyst.
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