Stand tall- from your knees

Kingdom Principle: The King’s will is that; we (the King’s servantleaders) will advance his Kingdom as an act of worship.

Know where you stand. Stand for what you know.

Exodus 1:8-2:10 Psalm 124 Romans 12:1-8 Matthew 16:13-20

There are many reasons we are driven to our knees: we can be overwhelmed with pain or flooded with excitement; we maybe un-voluntarily offering ourselves to a porcelain throne or in supplication to the throne of grace; we can be begging for our lives or we can be bowing in adoration. When was the last time you were on your knees?

Servantleaders advance the Kingdom from wherever they are and most often from their knees…. We need not go somewhere or change our location to advance the Kingdom. We must only change the focus our hearts to be on the King. In fact, as far as it depends on us – it is our character which is at the core of our engagement in Kingdom advancement. A couple weeks ago we addressed how servantleaders accept this responsibility. However we must not forget the Kingdom is only advanced by Power through the Gifts and work of the Holy Spirit. In order for us to advance the Kingdom we must be aligned with the will of God and be aware of the other kingdom which seeks to oppose us.

This week we find:

  • Jesus & the disciples are in Caesarea Philippi. (A location dedicated to roman rule & pagan gods)
  • The Israelites are in Egypt, long after Joseph’s rule has finished. (The Nile is the center of a pagan god worship)
  • Paul is proclaiming the Gospel to Gentiles in Rome (the farthest from Jerusalem the New Testament will travel) who are moving in the power of God not according to the pattern of this age and world, yet by the transformation and renewing of their mind. (The Greeks valued the mind, but disregard the body as having any value – here Paul proclaims our bodies are central to our worship)
  • The Psalm declares that no matter where you stand, stand with the LORD and you shall be saved.

The narrative of the Israelites under the persecution of Pharaoh demonstrates how we can be advancing the Kingdom even as we are losing our rights. This process of discovering our Identity which matures throughout life, truly begins with our own death to this world. What inspired Moses mother to place Moses in the river? How is it that the midwives resisted the demands of the Pharaoh, This question is answered in Romans this week. By the renewing of their mind. This renewing took place (while not stated in the text) through some form of revelation of God. Beyond the revelation they overcome the test and received a promotion.

OKAY – I know I have added more links in this post than in any other single post and I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with them– but there is a direct implication for us this week:

Worship is our highest calling and greatest privilege. Worship is to include every aspect of our lives – this is a holistic view of life and service unto the King. Further, linked above (and here) is a post on the spiritual gifts; living and serving out of our spiritual gifts is an act of worship. If you see worship as something you do on Sunday – here’s another link – but the crux of the message this week is that we are called to move in Power; our lives are to be an act of worship, and we are to live our lives binding and loosing as an act of power. This motion of binding and loosing is done in worship and is rooted our receiving and responding to the revelation of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Who do you say that Jesus is? How does your life reflect that answer?

In order for our confession of “who we believe Jesus to be” and our expression of that answer in our lives is to be in complete alignment, the key shift is going to be in the renewal of our mind. God’s will is not hidden from us, nor is it held from us – rather God’s will is present that we must test and approve that we are aligned with it. This testing and approving is worked out in the way we live our lives as an act of genuine worship and spiritual service. (everyday) Worship draws us to our knees which is a mark of Humility & Character (linked above and here)

We are each called to give an account of who we believe Jesus to be – and this answer will directly impact the power flow of God through us. This ability to participate in the transformation of the world, is first and foremost rooted in heaven. This is why Jesus taught us to pray that the Will of the Father will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. (Matt 6:9-13) Therefore the question regarding where you are standing, and not about going somewhere to advance the Kingdom, it is really a question of do you see yourself as standing in Heaven or kneeling on earth. The reality is that both are necessary!

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