Mexico was not created for Mission Trips and neither are you.

Overwhelmed? Challenged? Tired of trying to figure it all out…..
The answer is not in working harder to get ahead, rather it is in discovering what is motivating you in the first place.


Kingdom Principle:  The Church is mission, the Kingdom is missionally motivated

Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24Psalm 100Ephesians 1:15-23Matthew 25:31-46

For the past 5 years my family has participated in a “mission trip” where our mission was not to be on a mission trip, but rather to be missionally present with those to whom we are sent. There has been no tasks to complete, and there is no measurement of what we have accomplished, rather there are relationships that have been deepened and there is life that is shared. We are mission because we are sent, not because we have to, or because we need to, rather for the sake living into the Hope which God has called us to. Identity is formed and confirmed in the fulfillment of mission.

The Lord separates out His people based on Identity – not outwardly, but rather by inward motivation (This is…

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