Thy Kingdom Come

Kingdom Principle: The transformative work of the Spirit in us is the Kingdom coming here on earth.

Our “work” is expressed in our Prayers, Declarations, & Commands.

1 Kings 19:1-4, (5-7), 8-15a Psalm 42 and 43 Galatians 3:23-29 Luke 8:26-39


I thankful for a guest post here by Kimberly Harp –

About a year ago, I read I John 4:4 for the first time (not literally as I had heard it many times before but this time in its fullest of meaning)-

“You dear children are from God, and you have overcome them,because the one who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

Can you just sit with that for a second? I mean, really, this reality is life-changing. The fullness of this Scripture implicates us to live and love differently. We are not to live timidly. We are not to live with our heads down, denying the power of the Spirit within us. We are not to ignore what we have been given through Christ. We are being called children of God, temples of the Holy Spirit who have a greater power in them than that of this world! And yet, just yet, we often mimic the Psalmist who asks, “Why are you downcast, O my soul, and why are you disquieted within me?” Or we find ourselves like Elijah, fleeing for our lives, not usually literally but more often figuratively as we hide from our fears and insecurities. I guess I am asking us today to think about how we might claim I John 4:4 more often. How might we step into the transforming work of the Spirit that it not only changes us but the world around us?

I think it starts by us praying more. Pray, believing that God has the power to do the impossible. You know where I start here…in my disbelief. Disbelief floods my mind and then I pray the opposite back to God. I love that Elijah is standing on a mountain waiting for the Lord to pass by and he does not see Him in the ways He expects but in the “sound of sheer silence.” God’s ways are above our ways. Pray for the impossible. The ways that are not even shown to you yet.

Then, declare hope. Declare confidently in the hope of the fulfillment of the promises of God. You know where I start here…with the Word of God, the living and breathing Word of God. The Psalmist in chapter 42 declares, “These things I remember….” What promises of God do you remember and know to be true? Those are to be your declarations. In Luke, we find Jesus sending the man who He just delivered from a legion of demons- to “return home and declare how much God has done for you.” What great things can you point to and declare?  We find the truth in Galatians that we are heirs with Christ, can we sit with that one too? I mean, really sit with it. “Heirs according to the promise” – wow, what an identity shift. What would it look like for you and me to live as heirs to Christ? How would that change how you declare the promises of God?

Lastly, we need to command love. Command, claiming the power of love to be the only rule of your life. Oh, this is hard for me as I don’t want to throw out all the “rules”. I don’t want to do something “wrong”. So, I have to push all that aside and set into love… God is love… Perfect love casts out all fear…For God so loved the world. Commanding is claiming God’s power over us. It goes back to the truth of I John 4:4 that there is a power that is available to me and is in me! Am I accessing it for love? The Psalmist commands his soul to hope in God. The angel commands Elijah to eat and go- both commands of love from God to take care of his earthly body and to protect himself. It’s not easy to step aside from ourselves but when we do the Kingdom takes reign and it is beautiful.

These- specifically praying, declaring and commanding-are still being worked out in me. It’s called the transforming work of the Spirit and it is a process. A journey. The development of me decreasing and the Spirit in me increasing. I hope that you are on a journey too.

To learn more about Prayer, Declare and Command in order to live on Earth as it is in Heaven – go to

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