Loki is a puny god, but he is still a god.

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Kingdom Principle: Being begotten (born) of the Kingdom of God is to die to all other kingdoms.

1 Samuel 8:4-11, (12-15), 16-20, (11:14-15) Psalm 138 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 Mark 3:20-35

Life is full of choices – make them in allegiance to the King or other kings will claim you as their own.

Most people dislike conflict and avoid controversies. Then there are those that thrive on creating conflict and love to stir controversy. In the Kingdom there is no need to desire conflict, and yet as you stand for the Kingdom of God, all other kingdoms will be in conflict with you. Jesus explains this in Matt. 6:24 that “no one can serve two masters” and in later Matt. 12:30 he says that “he who is not with me is against me”. This week’s passages paint the picture of the many gods of this age and the kings of the world which are all completing for the allegiance of humanity. And humanity is clamoring to have a king over them. (This is well presented in the movie The Avengers as Loki comes to rule the world) Yet it is possible to stand against such kings (as is done in the movie or) in Joshua 24:15 declares as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord.

The more I understand of the Kingdom the more I long to grow deeper into that reality. At the same time the more I understand the paradox and concept of “fixing my eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen”, I am drawn to my knees begging the Father to reveal to me this great mystery that I might share it with those around me. In that prayer, Psalm 138 comes to my lips. I desire that all the “kings” of the earth might praise the LORD and in that those who follow such kings will praise the LORD, but regardless I know the LORD will fulfill his purpose for me as his love endures forever.

So, how is one to progress in the Kingdom – standing amongst conflict which they did not cause, conflicted themselves for those who do not share in the glory of the King. The answer is found walking in the SHALOM of the King. (This concept deserves it own post) Here (as in 1 Samuel 8) we see the opposite of Shalom that comes from choosing to submit to another king of this world.  The Shalom of God is a complete and perfect peace but as a result of rejecting the King of Kings the people find themselves walking in the opposite of Shalom. Rather than perfect peace of Shalom, the people will find themselves protecting their king, no longer being in the protection of the King. The people will find themselves providing for their king, rather than being provided for by the King. The people will find themselves bringing pleasure to their king, rather than the King increasing their pleasure and joy in life.  And yet as true for Israel then and now of nations today – that is what people choice.

What shall we say then, let our Thanksgiving, Obedience and Compassion increase as a testimony to the Kingdom of God in which we move and have our being.

In the Mark passage we can conclude that as children of the King express the Fruit of the Spirit – while walking in the Kingdom you are going to find conflict and controversy arise around you and even at you. When have you been accused of wrong doing or completely mis-understood for your efforts to serve the King? How can you be thankful for such experiences? While children of the King are forgiven and their sins are washed in the Blood of our savior, many expect them to walk in perfection. Where have you struggled to walk in obedience because of the accusations of others or even the lies of the enemy telling you to give-up because you are good enough? Finally, as children of the King our heart has been changed and the very blood that flows through our veins is the blood of Jesus – we have been born again from above. How do you see and experience the Family of God differently in this aspect. Where is your compassion directed to your brothers and sisters of the King in a unique way from your family of origin? If your family of origin is born of the Kingdom, how have those relationships grown in Kingdom advancement?

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