Not so; Know-it-all

Kingdom Principle:  Manifestations must Precede Movements to be Missional

Jeremiah 31:7-14 Psalm 147:12-20 Ephesians 1:3-14 John 1:(1-9), 10-18

When you know, that you know, you just know it’s right. If you don’t know, then know that knowing is not really about knowing, it is about being known and there is no way to know this without it being made known to you.  There are many great attempts made by the church today to be missional, however unless a movement is the result of a manifestation of the Spirit, its foundation is far from missional. The call here is to be on mission as Christ was on mission and the church is mission.  This begins in you as you discover your mission is divine.

For divinity to enter humanity – death must precede life, obedience must precede celebration. (see last week)  This is both the action of Jesus coming to the earth to become the ransom for the sins of humanity, as well as for Jesus to enter our personal lives to rescue & redeem us from the hands of the enemy and the power of death.  There are many who know this truth, but never experience its liberation, for they do not embrace the grace that is required for this to manifest in their life. This grace is the gift of forgiveness and love that is lavished on us by God and is the means by which humanity enters divinity.  For Humanity to enter Divinity – it quite another movement. (2 Peter 1:4, 1 John 4:15, Col.1:27, 3:3-4, 1Peter 1:23) In fact it is not a movement we take at all, rather it is manifestation that moves within us. This is the journey of Epiphany(def.) –  the revelation, illumination, and manifestation that you either recognize or you don’t, and if you don’t there is no movement to the divine.

Let me approach that again – Jesus has been born as a child in the world – Hence Divinity has become Humanity. In this Jesus lived out Philippians 2 and in obedience surrendered his life to become life for us.  But this did not result in the whole world being saved. Rather it made possible for Humanity to become Divinity – but this is not a movement we take, rather it is a manifestation that we are taken by.

This act of being taken, (is not our physical death – as so often is spoken – as in “God takes someone home”, rather being taken is the first act of life) is for those who received the grace and truth of Jesus and believe in his name.  They experience Epiphany – and they shall be given the right to become children of God. This is a Spiritual Blessing which Paul sings of in Ephesians 1. All this is not so that we become “gods” (review that even loki –is a puny god), rather this is so that in the revelation of the great mystery made know to us in the riches of God’s grace – we become the praise of HIS glory.

Let’s bring this back down to earth – WHY? If you know that you are marked with a seal, the very promise of the Holy Spirit and your redemption is complete in Christ – why would you want to be a earth walker rather than a heaven dweller.  (Consider also the analogy of soaring like and eagle or scavenging like a turkey) The blessings that you & I are to receive in Christ are in the heavenly realms  – this is a spiritual blessing.  Don’t look to financial, relational, material, physical, even emotional blessings of this world to be called blessed– look to the deliverance by God from sorrow, turns mourning into dancing and being filled with joy and comfort – This is the bounty of the LORD. (This is different than favor, flow, gratitude and anointing blessings which do take place in this world.)

What do you think the wisemen (magi) saw when they arrived with gifts for the baby Jesus? Do you think they say a “baby”? Did they arrive with disgust that Mary and Joseph had cared so poorly for the new born King? (Remember they went to the palace first)  Did they scoff and consider their investment and travel a waste as they made their way to Bethlehem, thinking nothing  can be a worthy culmination of their travel here? If not, Why not? It was not about their movement, for the manifestation preceded the movement. This manifestation allowed them to experience the movement of humanity to divinity in their own lives. (This is open to debate and speculation…  but somehow this great mystery had been revealed to them.) They disregarded both common sense and wisdom according to the world, and moved into the heavenly blessings of the divine. They had resolved to worship this King prior to ever seeing him! (Matt. 2:2)

What are you looking for? What do you see when you look around?

Where are you trying to make sense of your movements? (Some even consider trying to make sense of the movements of others.) STOP!  This is not your mission.  So often we go through life trying to make sense of things.  Sometimes with 20/20 hindsight we make our best guesses, but life is not lived in the rearview mirror – LOOK UP! Follow the Star of David.  Believe that you are blessed, chosen, predestined and adopted for redemption through the blood of Jesus – for only there shall the great mystery be known by you or I according to God’s good pleasure which he purposed in Christ.

Therefore – without bringing it down – how might this practically look in our lives?

1. Begin to see the image of Christ in all humanity.  Divinity is not in all humanity, yet it is the very likeness of Christ that God has given to all humanity – there is redeemable worth in all humanity. SEE IT first! See with hope, rather than disgust  as the actions, choices and decisions of the  world may be held in contempt.  To see this is to choose to ask for more manifestation –God, open my eyes to see others as you see others- in love. Further it is to believe that when God fully reveals Himself to them, they too may know may grace and truth and you will play a role in the process.

2. Begin to see the image of Christ in you. May this be divinity in humanity.  When you accept and believe in Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior. You are a partaker of the divine nature, this is your true identity. For it is no longer you who live, but Christ in you. (Gal. 2:20) Look for this, search for this, trust in this…. And now move by this. Stop looking for blessings in this world to verify God is pleased with you – search the heavens and enjoy the blessings he has already bestowed over you.

3. Count your Blessings! Make a List and Check it twice….

Now Compare your Blessings list to Matt. 5:3-12 – compare the difference between heavenly blessings or worldly blessings. This will lead us to next Sunday’s (1/12) training – ServantLeadership – serving and leading in the steps of Jesus.

ServantLeaders know how to live into the Heavenly Blessings, such that they are made manifest in this world and reap fully the blessings of  favor, flow, anointing and gratitude.   Training 8:00 – 3:00 301 E. Arrow Hwy. # 100 San Dimas CA 91773.

This table is a work in process… but thought it was interesting to put it here:  A future post will hopefully pick it up.

Spiritual Blessings Earthly Blessings Spiritual Curses Earthly Curses

(Anointing- Chosen/Predestined)


(Flow- Timing, alignment, success)


(greed,pride, forsaken)

Evil Declarations

(fear,destruction, death)


(Holiness –up-rightness)


(Favor – Abundance, opportunity, authority)


(wicked, impurity, lust)

Foolish Actions

(pain, sicknesses, disease)

Grace & Truth (Righteousness by Faith) Be-Attitudes



(Strife,hatred, despised)



Divine Power


Renewed Mind Strongholds Dis-Obedience


God can and does bless –  (often in response to our obedience)

Leviticus 26:1-13, Deut. 28:1-14, Jer. 17:5-10, 2 Cor. 9:8, Romans 4:1-10, Gal. 3:6-14, Matt. 5:1-13 Numbers 6:24-26:

His face to shine upon you, gracious to you, lift up countenance upon you, give you peace   (Presence)                         (Protection)                (Provision)                       (Peace)

God can and does curse as well as bless

Gen. 4:1-16, Gen. 12: 1-3, Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Malachi 1:9-2:6, Deuteronomy 27:15, Lev. 26: 14-46

What life looks like blessed verses cursed:

Col. 3:1-25

Deuteronomy – 30:11-20  it is not up do God if you are blessed or cursed – he has left it up to you….


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