I married into it, we found our way out of it

Kingdom Principle:  The Kingdom of God is rooted in the spiritual realm and expressed in the physical realm. However, the physical expression is often over valued and mis-understood.

2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10 Psalm 48 2 Corinthians 12:2-10 Mark 6:1-13

When I married into the “Dutch” culture – I learned that cleanliness is next to godliness – how far from the truth this is if the “presentation of cleanliness is used as a cover-up to pretend like you have your house in order when it comes to other issues such as relationships, finances or secret sin” and yet – when your house is not in order, it is an indication that there is an spiritual “dis-order” that is being expressed. How great is the gift of God it is when that which is spiritual is matched in the physical.

It is the responsibility of a King to ensure protection and provision for their people and in all this the people serve for the King’s pleasure. (This concepts was presented on June 5 – post Loki is a puny king) In the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ our King, and he provides  protection and provision first in the spiritual realm, then it is expressed in the physical.  (read the gospels of Jesus’ healing, most often healing in spiritual precedes healing of the physical.) The pleasure of our King is for his people to discover their purpose in life, serving him as their expression worship.

The psalm paints the picture of the physical expression of protection and provision of God being made true  because of the spiritual reality that preceded it. Yet it also shows how those who do not fear God, will mis-understand that which is physical and fear man instead, yet those who put their faith in God are not impressed with that which is physical.

King David is lead into Jerusalem by the hand of God… yet others tried to make this happen by their own hands. (a desire of the ignorant is to make the physical proceed the spiritual) The building up of the area around the City of David – expresses the spiritual reality of the rule of God over the City of David. The protection comes from God not the build-up of the walls, but the build-up is right and appropriate to demonstrate that which God is already doing. Some might say, why build-up the walls is God is already protecting, but why not demonstrate in the physical that which is true in Spiritual… it is foolish to try and convince the blind of what they cannot see, but to demonstrate by physical reality (something the blind can touch is real) can lead others to seek out the source of such truth.

The discrediting of Jesus in his hometown is the physical expression of a spiritual void and lack of faith. How else are the people of Nazareth to know that it is them that fails to believe – than to see the realities of healing and transformation in all other villages around them? The fixation on the physical leads them to miss the spiritual.

The charge to the disciples to  take no physical comforts when they are sent out by Jesus  – helps them to see the provision & protection of their God as the King– the physical provision becomes the demonstration of the spiritual presence and power.

Paul knows that to have a physical weakness is the way in which the spiritual will shine more greatly. Paul has great pleasure in letting Christ’s power to be made know through him. Without a physical limitation being obvious – others might misunderstand the source of the power – thinking it to be Paul’s.

Where in your life do you perceive to be more spiritual mature than there is a physical reality to demonstrate such truth? Meaning you feel like you have grown in your faith greatly, but the physical reality of such growth seems to be lagging behind.  In this place, seek the Lord and ask His counsel.

Where can you see a physical demonstration of the King’s provision and protection over you? In this place are you fully aware of what is the spiritual reality behind such truth. If you are not pressing into and trusting in this spiritual provision, it can be lost.  (If David say’s I’m fine with Hebron, and avoids becoming King of Israel, he has missed all that God has ordained for him.  – Provision and protection does not mean life become easy – ready 2 Samuel 2-4 the battle was fierce, but the provision and protection were always made known.

Are you having pleasure in your daily routine?  Where you are lacking pleasure in your daily life your actually declaring that the work of God in your life is not enough. That may seem harsh, but God has ordained your days and if in Him you move and have your being and yet you are not finding pleasure in what that movement looks like, something is out of line – either spiritually or physically. You may be aligned with God and growing, but the dis-pleasure comes from God wanting you to move in a new direction, it is your maturity not lack thereof that is preventing pleasure…  for this to be worked out – return to discovering your disciplined body, developed soul and directed spirit.  The last three weeks posts.

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