You can’t fail on purpose

Kingdom Principle: God’s purposes triumph over God’s favor

2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19 Psalm 24 Ephesians 1:3-14 Mark 6:14-29

To be the in there right place, at the right time, doing the right thing – is to know God’s favor through the lens of God’s purpose in your life. This remains true even if; doing the right thing means giving your life, being persecuted and abandoned, or simply experiencing a trial unto the glory of God.  Our first pass looking at God’s favor assumed that receiving blessings in life (a good life) was favor, then further last week’s post drew to light the fact that where there is Spiritual maturity, there will be a physical demonstration of such reality.(Again showing that blessings/favor and goodness in life come with growth in God) And yet – not all things in life go the way we “want” and “bad” things happen to good people. (We will address that book later) But for now – The Principle here simply states that to know God’s purpose for your life is to have the greatest expression of favor in your life. Favor is a fruit of faith (view post Life’s not fair – so don’t play by the rules) without faith in God, you will not discover the fullness of your purpose nor can you truly enjoy the fruit of favor. Simply because that which you attain will be at exclusively by your own effort, and that means that which you lose will be simply by your own failure. Here is the crossroads of today’s principle. There is no failure in Christ. The quickest road to discovering your purpose is by learning from your failures, hence removing the worldly label of failure all together. If you are always successful you may simply think that favor is your own golden touch, or something that you deserve.

It was Elijah’s purpose to be a prophet of God at a time where the world needed to know and see the power of God’s Kingly Rule in contrast to the rule of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. John the Baptist came as a prophet in the wilderness, as a fore-runner to Jesus. His call (purpose) to prepare the way, was in both life and death. Did John have favor? He lived in the desert, wore camel’s hair and ate locust….? Anyone signing up for favor like that – Yet the Spirit of Elijah rested on him like none other since he was taken up to Heaven on a chariot of fire…. And yet John’s head ends up on a plate at the hand of a manipulating queen. Does anyone want the favor of Paul? For as we saw last week he delighted in all hardship, persecution and trial….  Yet each of these men know their purpose and have become hero’s of the Bible.

We find in the Scriptures this week – Purpose triumphs all things and it redefines favor. King David never expected what happened when he went to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant, but that was because he forgot the purpose of the Ark, and simply wanted its favor…. In being reminded of its purpose at the cost of Uzzah’s life – for he himself was not following the purposes set out by God regarding the Ark.  David cry’s in the Psalm is that God is in control and how blessed are those who know the His favor. This favor comes in turning only to God and having a clean heart. Even the gates of the city have a purpose and they fully embody their purpose.

If there are any doubt that God has a plan and purpose for your life –Read Ephesians 1 – it is the most beautiful description of Paul’s understanding and prayer for the church. All this is to the praise of God’s Glory. A quick note on the book, “Why bad things happen to good people” In short this book attempts to bring comfort to people who are “good” and want an answer to why “bad” things happen. The conclusion of the book is because God is limited to stop the bad things that happen,  because we live in a bad world, bad things will happen. I do not share the book’s view. God is not limited nor is God evil (the book only says God is limited, but the logical conclusion is if God is almighty and bad things happen then God wants bad to happen making God evil). Rather God is all powerful and his purposes triumph over all things – and to know this purpose is to know His favor such that – nothing that happens is good or bad – it is purposed.

Our choice remains alive and free to move into the will of God or to blaze our own trail. Do you wish to pray, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done, or to build your own kingdom and to find your own favor….

Do you have a “defined personal God given purpose” for your life? If you aren’t sure, it doesn’t mean that you don’t rather it means you may have simply not spent time listening to God to hear what he has to say about your life. Would you like to articulate your God given personal purpose? Reply below and I’ll email you a series of questions that will set you on the journey of that discovery.

Why do you think, bad things happen?

Why do you think, good things happen?

Do both good things and bad things happen?

Do you believe God to be all-powerful, love and just? (If not all three which ones not?)

If both good and bad things happen and God is all-powerful, loving and just, then what makes something good or bad?

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6 Responses to You can’t fail on purpose

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hey Casey, thank you for your words (well, His through you). The concept thsy there is no failure in Christ is a big one, as I find I do fail with being holy. I will ponder and we can discuss. Also, may I have the questions regarding an articulated personal purpose from God? Thanks.

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