Back-to-School learning the 3 “R’s”

Kingdom Principle: Revelation + Reconciliation opens the door of the Kingdom to all!

Redemption, Repentance & Revolution overcome Regret, Rejection and Regulation in the Kingdom.

Genesis 45:1-15 Psalm 133 Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32 Romans 11:11-24 Matthew 15: (10-20), 21-28

Education used to teach the 3-R’s (reading, writing, & arithmetic) each as a separate discipline. Now –Common Core has all be united these and merged the lines so that one can not do math without reading and one cannot do writing without critical thinking. This merge is not being accepted by all, and even less are all understanding what it means and how things are going to work. This is a gross over simplification, but yet it is also true –the call of the gospel has three R’s as well – redemption, repentance, and revolution. At one point the law was very clear and kept things separate regarding how things would proceed be taught. Yet in the New Testament, we see in the Revelation and Reconciliation of Jesus (review) – a merging and changing everything – much like Common Core.

I am not suggesting that Common Core is the answer to our educational woes, only that while many have rejected or resisted Common Core as it merges all things. The Gospel was rejected and resisted for it to caused a change that moved people out of their comfort zone. Many will choose comfort or control over change. To choice to embrace change is to choose a life marked by prayer, for prayer is the means by which we can cause change. But let us be reminded that the change that is taking place in prayer is change in our lives.

  • Redemption changes everything which has taken place in the past. Removes Regret.
  • Repentance changes everything which is taking place in the present. Removes Rejection.
  • Revolution changes everything which will take place in the future. Removes Regulation.

Redemption overcomes regret for Joseph and his Brothers. The text this week is dependent on our understanding of the context and story of Genesis 39-44… what we have in here is the culmination of the story. In short, God revealed the power and purpose of dreams to Joseph and this became the means by which both he advanced in Pharaoh’s house as well as in deepened his relationship with God. Through pain, suffering, loss and loneliness God redeems all aspects of Joseph’s life. Revelation matched with reconciliation brings redemption. Joseph proclaims this over his brothers even before they are repentant and seek his forgiveness; the relationship is restored due to the redemption which God has made complete. The brothers also represent the story of the Jews in the same way they will reject Jesus. God has always been extending his hand unto them, (Romans 10:21) but they will need to come and receive it. In the same way the brothers come to Joseph, (not even knowing it was him) no longer angry or punishing his brothers; yet even the revelation of Joseph causes great fear even though the hope is for reconciliation. Joseph declares God’s redemption in the text this week as he explains the movement of God in all of his life. (God sent me – v. 5,7,8) in the 22 years since he was shoved in a well and sold into slavery, salvation had come to his story!

Repentance overcomes rejection of the Gentiles and the Jews. In Romans 9-11 we have Paul’s explanation as to what God is going to do with the Jews… Is He finished with them? – BY NO MEANS! Revelation has been given, but it was not meet with reconciliation and this is on the part of the Jews – therefore God opened the door to the Gentiles, so that in their repentance the Jews might also be moved to repentance. Paul is very clear that the Gentiles have been grafted in (through their repentance) as a wild branch, in the same way that the Jews as the natural branch are yet to be grafted in. And if it is possible for the wild branch to be united with the root, how much greater and glorious will it be as the natural branch is united. We all have been bound in our disobedience, and repentance is the celebration that freedom is received. This freedom is the express of revelation matched with reconciliation.

Revolution overcomes regulation with the Canaanite woman and the Pharisees. The Canaanite woman falls on her knees and confesses that she sees the Revelation of God in Jesus – He is the Messiah. She longs to be reconciled unto him, and that her daughter might be saved. Jesus’ response (to the disciples, not to the woman- no less) is that he is called to Israel (not to the Gentiles). Pause! – First, you have to ask; Isn’t Jesus being rude and harsh to this woman? It is nothing near compassion… And if Jesus only does what the Father does, (John 5:19-20) could it be that this experience was in conflict with the truth as Jesus has known it up until this point. Is the Father revealing something new to Jesus, a new revelation that confronts his truth. Since we know that Christ was without sin… what is going on here? It certainly is Jesus’ truth that he was not sent to the Gentiles, but was he Right? Is being wrong a sin? Is Can Jesus be wrong? ignorance -sin? What if Jesus who had never traveled this far from Galilee did not do so, because he felt no reason to do so… could it be that the Father had something to reveal to Jesus… I think you can guess my opinion, let’s just say I believe this exchange captures the humanity of Jesus – but that it is not sin. I’ll just leave that there. But it is interesting that paired in the lectionary is Jesus call to Israel as well as Paul’s calling to the Gentiles (v. 13), and he we find Paul proclaiming to the Jews and Jesus to a Gentile. This is the great revolution of Romans 9-11, God’s mercy is for all. Faith is a matter of the heart – and that is the heart of the matter.   The Pharisees who represent Israel are offended and it is their heart which is the problem. To them Jesus has been just as rude and harsh – but we don’t see it as clearly we see Jesus as Upright and the Pharisees as Uptight – Jesus in vs. 11 is revolutionizing the very identity of the Jews. Eating Kosher is one of the key elements of being Jews, (along with keeping the Sabbath and Circumcision laws) and Jesus is saying – no longer does that count as what defines and defiles a person. Could it be that the Father is revealing to Jesus just how “hard” and difficult his teachings are to the Pharisees by confronting Jesus with a Canaanite woman…. We must be confronted with a revolution and this is only possible through the revelation and reconciliation of Jesus.

  • Revelation + Reconciliation = Redemption

Jesus gave his life that new life might be given to all.

What is keeping you from seeing your Identity as found in Jesus?

  • Revelation + Reconciliation = Repentance

Jesus was never out of control, rather he was Spirit-Controlled.

What is keeping you from total surrender unto Jesus?

  • Revelation + Reconciliation = Revolution

Jesus started a revolution by being in relationship with people.

What relationships of yours are in need of revelation and reconciliation?

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