Dog Training vs. Owner Obedience

Updated 4/11/16

Kingdom Principle:  Healing is an act of Authority not Power.

Acts 9:36-43 Psalm 23 Revelation 7:9-17 John 10:22-30

Attending the dog obedience school for our first family dog, we quickly learned that the trainer was not training the dogs, rather the trainer was teaching or “discipling” the owners. The obedience training had very little to do with the dog, it the owners responses and commitment to the discipleship that then resulted in an obedient reaction from the dog. Without the obedience school the dog owner did not know how to engage in a healthy relationship with the dog.  The owner’s authority over the dog resulted out of healthy relationship with the dog.

Our authority as disciples is grown out of our relationship with God. The more intimate we are with God, the more our identity will be formed by God, thus the more authority we will enjoy. Satan was created to be in relationship with God in this he was endowed with Authority and Power. When Satan chose to rebel and break his relationship with God – he lost his authority. He did not lose his power – more on that later. Without authority Satan was bound to the world and allowed to rule the air (Eph. 2:1-3) and be the prince of this world (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11). When Christ came to the world and tore the veil of the heavens, in His resurrection he conquered death and gave us authority over the power of the Enemy. (Luke 10:19) Authority is fostered and grown in relationship, Power remains a gift. John Paul Jackson says that Authority “controls and changes the visible as well as the invisible, while Power only controls and changes the visible”. What this means is that we don’t need to pursue Power, what we need is to enjoy Authority. Authority is delegated and declarative right over someone or somethingIt is the ability to influence or impact as desired. But one must remain clear that authority is imparted based on the relationship with the Father, so it is by his desire and will that authority alone will be exercised.

Peter had authority because of his relationship with God through Jesus. When he went to be with the disciples in the death of Dorcas, he was granted power to raise her from the dead, but it was authority that paved the way for him to call out to God. Those who are gathered in Rev. 7 – and have washed their robes and mad them white in the blood of the Lamb – sharing in the intimacy and authority of the King… they have overcome based on the authority of being in relationship with their shepherd. It is this Great Shepherd (1 Peter ) that is spoken of in Psalm 23 in whom we have all things. We lack nothing and he guides us along the right paths – this is the path of discipleship for those who are following the Plan of Hope.  Jesus is very clear to the people of his day, because they do not believe (they are not people of faith) they have no relationship with him, hence they are not his sheep. Therefore they have no authority or ability to hear his words or remain in him. This leads them to desire power for what they are unable to enjoy via authority.  (Hence they demand for miracles and demonstrations rather than to be followers.)  The world will chase power, because that is what the enemy has to offer them. Disciples do not need power, because they seek to be in relationship with the All Powerful One – with whom Him Authority is enjoyed.  (I am not saying disciples lack power, only that a pursuit of power is of the world.) This Authority grants true Peace because believers know they have overcome the world. (1 John 4:4) Peter does not need to raise Dorcas to prove his faith or to demonstrate God’s power; rather Peter is present with the disciples out of Love. And where Love flows there is Power (again next week).

Connecting to last week – while faith is the root of our identity, faith remains something that you believe in and confess even if you don’t fully understand. Hope on the other hand is very tangible. Hope is something that you can think about, understand, and wrestle with. This is the relational aspect of Authority. Following a Plan of Hope, yields you Authority. But Hope without faith shrivels to nothing.  Authority does rise and fall, based on obedience and submission. Therefore where there is a lack of Authority it will be evident when one lives in a state of being afraid, overcome by anxiety or living in a state of anarchy.  Conversely where there is Authority, the plans of the enemy will be thwarted and Healing will take place.

I am again indebted to John Paul Jackson for my understanding the difference between Healings and Miracles. Healings are based on Authority and an act of healing is removes the evil and damage done by evil against God’s creation. Miracles are done based on Power, and they are the restorative acts of God to repair and return someone or something to it original intended state prior to being damaged by evil.  I believe that God longs for us to apply his Kingdom principles in order to confront the chaos of this world, in order that we can demonstrate health, healing and (w)holness to the world.

Authority will overcome Anarchy. When a disciple enters a room, their authority is measured up in the spiritual realm by all those present. In this sizing up the larger your authority the larger the target is on your back, because where ever you plant your feet  – Peace overcomes. Peace is an outward expression of Authority. It is peace that Jesus gives his disciples. (John 19) If you have authority you can be near someone one who is in chaos, whether that be guilt, shame, fear, anger or in any emotional distress and your authority will bring peace. (Your peace may be rejected, but it will demand a response.) A person who lives in the absence of peace, based on lacking authority will develop anxiety that will cause damage to their physical body.  Thus Authority to Heal is evident in the lives of disciples who walk intimately with the Father by faith. Remember healing does not require visible demonstration to take place, it may simply be the removal of evil, but by removing evil, restoration can begin.

So what if you live in a constant state of fear, or have anxiety about the world around you… does this mean you lack authority… unfortunately yes, but authority rises and fall in relationship with the Father… Therefore Fear not and do not let your hearts be troubled. (Jesus says it best) 1. Submit your soul to the will of the Father. Seeking His Kingdom and His Righteousness (Matthew 6:33) will release you from the pursuit of power in this world and peace will be the fruit… 2. Relinquish your right to be right  this is an act of forgiveness and promotes humility in the steps of the Son… (Micah 6:8) 3. Accept your right to be broken as a movement of the Holy Spirit and discovering the direction of the spirit… (John 16:8).

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