The Upright are not Uptight

Kingdom Principle:  Spiritual Mysteries breakthrough Worldly Fallacies revealing Kingdom Realities.

Isaiah 58:1-9a (9b-12) Psalm 112:1-9 (10) 1 Corinthians 2:1-12 (13-16) Matthew 5:13-20

May you glean the truth for your life from my recent Worldly Fallacies, which have superseded Spiritual Mysteries from being a reality in my life…

I have been a bit uptight about the blog not getting done on Monday and at the latest Tuesday these past 2 weeks…. Let me boast as a fool. (2 Cor. 11:16) I have overcome various obstacles over 95% of the time up since I began this blog (that’s over two years), regardless of vacation, holidays or other pressing needs.  And yet this last two weeks I have had pressing issues that have “forced” me to choose between writing and serving. Notice how in being “forced” I gave up my power, and become the victim.  In hindsight – I see that these pressing issues have been opportunities for me to let my light shine and to be the salt of the world. So I choose the better! ( You can go puke now…)- this is foolish boasting – because I missed the blessing, the result was I was uptight rather than upright.

This is not a pity party to tell you how hard I am working – (see last week) rather it is a confession that my being uptight is indicating that my upright-ness, is not from God rather it is from my performance, based on standards that I have set.  (Sounds like a Pharisee characteristic deeply rooted in me) My own standard of “this is what I have to do” has taken me out of the opportunities to let my light shine, all the while I was doing more than ever to let that light shine. I did follow-through with the opportunities to serve and be the salt and light of the world… choosing first to put aside my own desires (to get the blog done) and investing in relationship building and the kingdom expansion paths. And yet my efforts while not being useless have not been blessed. I receive my reward, and yet still I feel empty.  I might as well as been driven by religious repetition, and got the blog done.  Instead I “did the right thing” and upheld the relational obligations (a should list) and made myself look good in the process.  Don’t get me wrong- there was good work accomplished and kingdom advancement took place… but not in my heart and life.

I am painfully aware that blessings from heaven which were prepared in advance for me were not afforded to me in because of my attitude regardless or in spite of my actions. These last two weeks have been upheld by my own efforts, energies and expectations. (I have been a martyr for the work that needs to get done, rather than being a servantleader who serves as an expression of their calling for the benefit of others. ) I have been Foolish, not in the Spiritual way as Paul calls us to be:  rather  my worldly fallacies have blocked the spiritual realities.  I have been pressed by the demands of the schedule rather than being guided by the wisdom of the Spirit. You see – I understood that these opportunities were to take priority over the blog, but my attitude (being uptight) about how everything else is going to get done, has quenched or limited the light to shine and made the salt; un-salty (which in the Greek text – un-salty is translates foolish).

So What:

When we are uptight, we are applying a tourniquet to the flow of blessings into and out from our life. We must invest Seeds of Faith,  that lead to Favor, and remember that  Favor cannot be earned it is a gift designed to be given. When you are up-tight, ask yourself, who is in control, and often the answer is you… (Even though at that moment you feel out of control, it is you who is holding the reigns.)

Light is to shine in the Darkness, Salt is to never lose its Saltiness.  This is Power from God, not ourselves.  Surrender control to God. This becomes our reality as we fear the Lord more than the expectation of others or ourselves. The Lord has called us to loose the chains of injustice, set the oppressed free, spend ourselves in behalf of the hungry, and this will be a result of our heart attitude, not our good works and “holy” actions.

Whom did I love this week and last  – Myself over others or the Lord. I ensured that others saw me as self-sacrificing, up-right and able to more than is possible. And it was accomplished…  but it left me uptight. Father, might I return to you in weakness, with great fear and trembling. I am in need of your Power to flow through me once again. When people are constantly praising you, they are not Glorifying your Father in Heaven.

All this is a Spiritual reality, made true to our spirit that which is within us. Father I prayer that those reading this now would receive great revelation from the Spirit who is from God, that they may understand what God has freely given to us.

God has been restoring me – through a process of having me ask for help…. I don’t like to ask for help, and yet how else can I lead from weakness with fear and trembling.

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