Life’s not fair – so don’t play by it’s rules

Kingdom Principle – Faith is the Foothold of the Kingdom…. yielding fruit of Favor.

1 Samuel 17:57-18:5, 18:10-16 Psalm 133 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 Mark 4:35-41

In order to confront the Chaos of all life under the rule of the prince of the air, one must submit to the rule and reign of the King. Faith and trust in the Kingship of Jesus changes everything as we have seen in the recent posts. Here we move beyond the current realities into the desired future of the Kingdom. Faith in the Kingdom yields a “fruit” of Favor. Favor is the Power & Authority of God displayed through Wisdom. Favor is a “fruit” of faith, and like any fruit – it is not there until the right season (we are called to be prepared in season and out), it must be rooted and established (in love), and finally fruit is the demonstration that the plant is healthy and fulfilling its purpose.  Favor naturally follows last week’s post.  Kingdom leaders who lack favor, will find themselves working harder than others and reaping limited results based on their efforts missing the multiplication (fecundity) of the King. We find in David’s life – Favor is growing. Yet, favor alone is not enough for Kingdom leadership (for it seasonal). Kingdom leadership also requires Credibility and Character.  (This concept began to emerge on the post of May 16 – Surprised by what you see in the mirror)

I see Credibility as developing in the Power of the King. (Without a Disciplined Body this power cannot be trusted to or harnessed for the King)

I see Character as developing in the Authority of the King. (Without a Developed Soul this authority cannot be seen or demonstrated for the King)

I see Favor as developing in the Wisdom of the King. (Without a Directed Spirit this wisdom cannot be drawn from or displayed for the King)

This is not a linear process, this is a discipleship process.  David had great favor with Jonathan from the start of their relationship because we learn that both David and Jonathan have their spirit directed by the Lord.  Knowing when (having wisdom) to exercise power and authority is what others see as Favor. Jesus very clearly demonstrates all this in Mark 4, what we see in this text is the lack of wisdom by the disciples – they woke him because they knew of his power (Credibility) and they trusted in his authority (Character).  But they had no clue of his Favor.  Saul also fears David, rather than seeing the favor of the Lord & trusting in it. Saul knew David’s authority over the spiritual realm, Saul knew David’s power over the physical realm – for these two reasons Saul kept David close. Saul misunderstood the source of David’s favor and for that Saul feared David not God.

Do you want more Favor in your life? If so plant more seeds of Faith.  A great mystery will take place in this act of faith and as the seed sprouts – your Credibility will grow and be tested – resulting in your Character being forged.  In all this as you study God’s word and seek Him in prayer you will discover that Favor has always been there – you simply have been unable to draw from it or display it for you have trusting in the wisdom of the world rather than of the Kingdom of God.

It is one thing to be with Jesus – even taking great care to care for Jesus – it is quite another to rest in the SHALOM of Jesus and trust his favor in our lives.  In 2 Corinthians 6 we find the path of faith taking root for the Kingdom (Disciplined Body v.4,5; Developed Soul v.6a; Directed Spirit v. 6b.7)

Do you want to see the Favor around you?

1. See all things as gifts from God.

What in your life is not a redeemed gift of God? Look back over your life – is there “fruit” growing from every circumstance and situation – if not seek another to help you in the process of God’s redemption of that event.

2. Always trust in the Lord’s Authority and Power ( grows your Character & Credibility).

Where does the obstacle of life seem greater than the opportunity for God’s Glory to be displayed? Look forward at all things at may and potentially oppose you,  take all of your excuses as to why it is too much and ask another to prayer with you and for you to be accountable to in this times.

3. Open your heart to others who walk in the Kingdom of God.

Who do see demonstrating God’s Favor in their lives – what are you doing to be around them?  Seek them out as in both examples above.  The Fruit of favor only continues to be produced when it is given away – you are doing them a favor by providing an opportunity for favor to be shared.

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