Slave to your labor or Servant to your love

Kingdom Principle:   Favor & Flow are gifts given to Kingdom ServantLeaders.

Obedience alone is a good work in vain. Submission alone yields no renewal which is vain.

Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17Psalm 127 Hebrews 9:24-28 Mark 12:38-44

Jim Elliot – a missionary who gave his life for Christ (as a Kingdom Servant Leaders) is quoted as saying, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”.  The Kingdom Principle this week speaks of this same truth; it declares “He is a fool who works for what a prize which he cannot attain, when he can enjoy that prize as it is given for free.” Favor and Flow are gifts given to those who live a life of united obedience and submission.

Obedience alone:             (our aspect of labor)

  • Looks good on the outside yet, conceal anything on the inside
  • Produces a measurable outcome, yet fails to yield its kingdom potential
  • Feels good in the short run, yet leads to burn-out or idolatry

Submission alone:          (our aspect of love)

  • Looks like weakness on the outside, preventing people from living into their God-given purpose
  • Produces very little, in fact in losing one’s self, you disappear, rather in producing.
  • Feels like a trap, yet leads to perpetual problems or idolatry

Think back over this past week:

  • Where has someone blessed you or provided for you in ways you did not expect or “deserve”?
  • Where did you find great energy, opportunity or clarity in ways you did not expect or “deserve”?
  • Where you have answers to these questions you have experienced favor from others, or flow in your own life.

The principle this week is a reality when obedience & submission are faithfully merged and expressed as a labor of love. To have faith (submission) without works (obedience) is dead. (James 2:14-26) The reward living life full of both obedience and submission is a fruitful yield of favor and flow.

  • Naomi receives favor with Ruth. Ruth receives the favor of Boaz. Boaz has the flow of God around him. Obed is birthed into a context rich in favor & flow…
  • The teachers of the law – trust in obedience yet lack submission – therefore favor and flow are not experienced and the opposite expression feels like punishment.
  • The widow lives dependent on the favor of others, and thus faith leads her into the flow of Jesus.

Where there is no favor and flow in our lives, this is a vain experience. We are designed and invited to experience the favor and flow of God, therefore when favor and flow are not present we are living in vain. When live is vain there are two extreme experiences that are encountered:

Yet there is the other option – Experience Favor and Flow instead of vain obedience or empty submission:

Kingdom Servants cannot labor in vain, and no part of their leadership will be without the blessing of the Lord. This life, lived in submission, removes the possibility of our efforts being in vain. This is to live without fear, free from shame, guilt, and anxiety. This being true – we can even go to sleep (when we are tired) and allow the Kingdom to advance without our watching. (Mark 4:26-29) We can be confident in who the LORD has made us to be and see ourselves as He has made us. (Ephesians 2:10) Further we shall not worry about finances; rather we can give in freedom not fear for the Lord will provide for our needs.  (Matthew 6:30-33) We are covered by the Blood of Christ….

The applications for living in Favor & Flow are found in the other linked posts – This week the call is to further recognize what aspects of your life are not marked by submission especially if they are characterized as obedience (review last week).

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