Hate Losing? Remember…

Kingdom Principle: Alignment of your relationships increases your Authority.

Alignment of self is body, soul & spirit

Alignment of relationships is past, present and future

Exodus 17:1-7 Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16 Philippians 2:1-13 Matthew 21:23-32

Where & when was your defining moment with God? That moment when you were so blown away by; Who God is… What God does… How God does it…. Maybe even – Why God doesn’t do other things… If you do not have one of these moments, I hope you have one-hundred. If you have neither one nor hundreds, then I fear your lack of rootedness in the past has increased the potential of ruthlessness in the future.

In the texts this week –

  1. God draw Moses back to the burning bush and the promises which he was given. God will be with him, amidst this grumbling people. (Reference to Horeb in v. 6 – takes us back to Ex. 3:1)
  2. Paul declares to Philippi, Jesus remembers where he came from, while releasing it all to go be in relationship with those who need him most. Remembering refocuses our purpose.
  3. Jesus being tested by the Pharisees– who wish to prove their rightness in rejection Jesus are re-directed back to work of John the Baptist. Jesus is establishing the core truth that Authority is rooted in relationships. In the parable the son remembers his relationship accountability.
  4. The Psalm calls us to carry the message of God from one generation to another, sharing the story ensuring that the great mystery & majesty of God is not lost or mis-understood.

This is the call to remember; to remember is to celebrate a relationship. Remembering a relationship is an engagement that bridges the past, present and future. When we remember we are drawing the past into the present with the hope that it will change our future. Henri Nouwen calls us to re-member our memories as we go forward after great loss. To re-member is to re-arrange and to re-locate, the most precious memories so that they are not lost. In this way we re-claim that the members of our lives need not be lost or forgotten, but they must be re-membered. This is not to “simply not forget” it is to release that “something” that once was and is no longer, has not been lost. To re-member I reaffirm that the members (parts of me) of my life are now re-connected in such a way that I can see them impacting my future.

Therefore as reminded above and addressed elsewhere in the blog, relationships are the foundation of Authority – the more you re-member your life according to the works and words of God, the more authority will God entrust to you. Moses can run away – but he rather Yahweh calls him to re-member the burning bush and to reconnect himself with these people. Jesus re-members himself to be with humanity. Paul re-members even while he is chained in prison, and therefore he shares with them in one-mind, one spirit and one love.

Because of this… I no longer wonder why Israel, after they crossed the Red Sea and were delivered from the Egyptians, “suddenly” forget and begin to grumble. For, I am an Israelite at heart. I can appreciate how the  more you see the hand of God; move you, rescue you, forgive you, save you, etc…. the more likely you are to be faced with the heart of Israel in you – grumbling for more of His provision and His deliverance rather than to face your own inconvenience and challenge. Rather I remember that this crossroads to re-member rather than to resent. To resent is to remember what has been done, but to return to an entitlement attitude. Re-sent sends the members away and rather than discovering through enlightenment the great work that God has done. This simple act of resentment verse remembering – leads people to either be blessed or bitter later in life. – Choose today to be blessed!

Israel saw God move and wanted more. The Pharisees saw God move and wanted it to stop. The first son of the parable answers with impulse and freedom yet moves to remember his allegiance to the father and in obedience he resume his responsibility to do the work he was called to do. The second son answers with lip-service and rightness, yet resents the obligation and does not reengage the work. The Pharisees answer the question correctly yet fail to remember this answer when it comes to repentance and therefore are missing the Kingdom of God which is before them.

  1. Where have you said no to God, and He is nudging you to look again?
  2. Where have you said yes to God, and have failed to move into action?
  3. How might you re-member your past? May God entrust you with greater authority, and may bitterness be redeemed into blessedness.

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In my Community I am a Chaplain, Coach and Catalyst.
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