Avail your ability via availability

Kingdom Principle:  ServantLeaders follow their I.A.M., rather than instructions.

Our Impact is rooted in our Intimacy, not our Intensity or Intelligence

Isaiah 42:1-9 Psalm 29 Acts 10:34-43 Matthew 3:13-17

Avail means to “take advantage of an opportunity, or to help or benefit”.

Ability means to “possess the means, skill or talent to do something”.

Availability means to “be present, ready and capable to assist or serve”.

It is our availability to the King,  that avails our ability for the Kingdom.

ServantLeadership is serving and leading in the steps of Jesus. Each year our fellowship dives deeper into the WHAT, HOW and WHY of ServantLeadership, you can read this in the blog, here and elsewhere. This Sunday (1/12/14) is training on HOW to develop the characteristics and values of those who seek to serve and lead through anointing, listening, resiliency, and humility as Jesus did.   Some people believe they are not able to lead, much less lead the way Jesus did– technically they are correct. On your own strength, will, drive or talent – you are not able, but we will discover together the joy of fulfilling in righteousness the calling set before us.

Below is a table laying a foundation for what ServantLeadership is, Based on the passages this week, the Be-Attitudes of Matt 5, and the foundational teaching of Robert Greenleaf on Servant Leaders.  At its core ServantLeadership is the demonstration of power (under Spirit control) for the purpose of benefiting and blessings all those whom come to experience it.

First- Servant Leaders must know their IAM. That is Identity, Authority, and Motivation.  Matthew 3:17 demonstrates Jesus’s IAM – Identity – God’s Son, Authority – God’s Love, Motivation – To please the Father.  We also see this in Isaiah 42:1 & 8, the servant is upheld, chosen and a delight to the LORD.  The name of the LORD is YAHWEH and that is established to Moses and by Jesus in the gospel of John.

Second, Servantleadership is not simply about doing the right things… it is not simple obedience. (As Covey says: “leadership is about doing the right things, management is about doing things right” – I agree with that, but present that servantleadership is beyond this) It requires submission and obedience. Peter addresses this in Acts 10 as being “one who fears” and “one who does what is right”. This is how power is unified with doing good works, the works alone are not where the power lies.  In this way ServantLeaders are witnesses to Jesus. They are stewards of the almighty power, through their availability; the GREAT IAM fulfills his righteousness in spite of any ability or lack of ability.

Finally, ServantLeaders move in power, but not based on the demonstrations or expectations of the world. There is power in the voice of God, and there is power in the voice of the ServantLeader. ( as seen in the power to bless – last week) But that power is not to control, rather under Spirit control. Servant Leaders are also often Suffering Servants (Isaiah 42:1-9, 49:1-6, 50:4-9, 52:13-53:12) The LORD was enthroned as King over the flood. It was not a lack of power that prevented the LORD from leading his people, it was a long-suffering love that empowered and strengthen the LORD to endure through the pain and loss to see the “cross” set before him.

The table below is great information – but without a manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the application of learning in community – information will not result in identity which will limit impact for the Kingdom.

Matthew 5:1-16 Blessed are those: Character / Values by   Robert Greenleaf Suffering Servant of Isaiah 42:1-9 Jesus’ model of servantleadership in the Gospel of Matthew:
His Disciples Calling Here is my servant (1) I have called (6) 3:13-17
Poor in Spirit Listening The Lord says (5) 20:29-34
Those who mourn Healing Open the eyes of blind (7) 8:1-34
Meek (self-controlled) Empathy Bruised reed not broken or wick snuffed (3) 11:1-15
Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness Awareness Justice – is the mission (1, 3, 5) 19:16-30
Merciful Persuasion Not shout or raise voice (2) 4:18-22, 9:9-13
Pure in Heart Conceptualization Islands put there hope in his teaching(4) 11:20-30
Peacemakers Foresight The former things have taken place (9) 9:14-38
Persecuted for Righteousness Stewardship Not falter or be discouraged (4) 20:1-28, 25:14-30
Insulted, persecute & falsely accused Growth in People Free the captives (7) 13:53-58
Bethe salt of the earth & light of the world Building Community Release those who sit in darkness (7) 18:1-20
Servant Leaders                            Receive & Enjoy Worldly Leaders                            Proclaim & Protect
The Kingdom of Heaven Empire of Independence & Pride
Comfort Casting Blame and Complaints
Inherit the earth Judgment and labeling of others
Filled (with righteousness) Power, Prestige and Pleasure
Shown Mercy Titles and Positions
They will see God Disguised motives and manipulation tactics
They will be called sons of God Control, Indulgence & Lies

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