Explanations are not Excuses

Kingdom Principle: Revelation without Reconciliation is our Responsibility

ServantLeaders take Responsibility.

Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28 Psalm 105: 1-6, 16-22, 45b Romans 10:5-15 Matthew 14:22-33


  • In the revelations of inner healing, I have discovered much about how the past and others can influence and impact our present and future.
  • In the revelations of spiritual gift tests and inventories, I have learn much about how certain individuals are gifted to do one thing verses another.
  • In the revelations of family systems therapy, I have come to appreciate how no one person is the cause or problem of any crisis in a family.
  • AND YET – I have also learned that you can use the above information as an excuse to defend your situation or predicament and then blame others for the way things are in your life.

A Revelation is a new discovery; a new understanding; it is the pulling back of the veil…. A Revelation is the information that changes everything. Unfortunately people have a tendency to take “revelation” and then use it as an excuse as to why things cannot change verses – rather than understanding that this “revelation” is the missing explanation you needed to live into the change that is available to you. This is the same trap of following good intentions.

  • Inner Healing is Available, but you must take responsibility for your life. When we re-act to that which has been “done” to us, rather than in this responding responsibly, healing is missed.
  • Spiritual Gifts can lead us to greater discovering of our ability. However, we can also look at evangelism and say –“Well that’s not my gift – so I don’t have to tell others about Jesus – or say “I’m just not good at it. In this you are not taking responsibility for the gospel of Jesus Christ which has been entrusted to you. We are all called to go and have beautiful feet….
  • Family Systems Therapy can resolved generations of conflict in the family, but it also can re-enforce for those who don’t want to change, that it is easier to have cut-offs and triangles to avoid the pain.

In SUMMARY – JESUS is the Revelation and he has been given to us, what you and I do with the Revelation of Jesus is our responsibility. (Romans 16:25-27) This is not about works, it is about response and our ability to respond responsibly; the Revelation is Clear and it is Complete. Where we are not responsible reconciliation with God and others will remain unresolved. Because we have the Ability to Respond, when we don’t, we are responsible for the outcome. The core of Christian Responsibility is having the ability to respond in and to a situation in a manner which is in alignment with the revelation of Jesus… (Do we walk as Jesus does?) The root of this is found in the Holy Spirit… which gives us the fruit of self-control. The opposite of responsibility is blame.

The first blog of Year A – was in regards to the Availability of a Servantleader. This post (as we near the home stretch of year A) is about their Responsibility.

The more you accept responsibility for your past and present (which comes through revelation), the more you will achieve the future you (and God) desire. Last week we saw that Revelation is a work of the Spirit of Jesus, where God is moving in our direction to open the eyes of our hearts. This revelation changes how we see God. In light of this change all things become possible, and we now are opened to the possibility of Reconciliation. When we discover what has been done for us – it changes the way we see others. This is the beginning of reconciliation. However not all Revelation is met with Reconciliation. This week we encounter a number of realities that do not bring about Redemption, Repentance, or Revolution. (those 3 will come next week) Yet it is not for a lack of Revelation. Therefore we are driven to discover what is lacking in this process – The answer is Responsibility.

Where is Joseph’s error with Responsibility? Just because God tells you something – doesn’t mean you are supposed to go and tell others publicly. Joseph was given the dream which foretold the submission of his older brothers unto him. He was not responsible with this revelation such that it did not increase his compassion and mercy, rather it brought arrogance and separation. Paul speaks of this responsibly when it comes to the gift of prophecy (1 Cor. 14:1-3, 30-33)

What is Peter’s error with Responsibility? Just because God tells you, you can do something – doesn’t mean you are supposed to do it, or that you are going to be able to do it perfectly. Peter is often seen as bold and confident in this act of “stepping out of the boat” But then why does he receive such a rebuke? – I see Peter as in error for commanding Jesus to do anything. This is not his responsibility. Beyond this read the temptation of Jesus to turn stone to bread (Matt 4:3-4) the words of Satan are mirror by Peter I see Peter’s charge as being motivate not by faith, but rather by arrogance and worldly fear. Jesus had already declared “Take Courage, I AM (when it says “It is I” while it cleans up the English – it loses the power of the I AM declaration that is so beautiful in John’s Gospel) and Don’t be Afraid… If Peter is reacting in fear, Jesus is providing the setting for Peter to learn to take responsibility for his actions…. He learned slowly (In Matt 16:23 Jesus is not so gentle). . The deeper reflection on this also means that it was Peter’s faith that allowed him to walk on water (not a miracle of Jesus), and it was at the same time a lack of faith that caused him to sinking. I believe Peter received and accepted the Revelation of Jesus, but lacked responsibility and therefore allowed doubt to sink him. The Revelation was complete, the Reconciliation lacked. Therefore – don’t leave the boat, (the church) on your own mission (Be Sent on HIS Mission)… stepping out to prove anything is not going to bring Glory to God –only ourselves. Peter speaks later about this responsibility when it comes to serving others and not ourselves. (1 Peter 1:7-12, 2:11-12, 5:6-11)

What is the Jew’s error with Responsibility? Just because God tells you, “You are his people” – doesn’t mean you can reject his ways. Romans 9, 10 &11 are all about Paul explaining the unexplainable… And he does a great job, In short – it is a work of faith which brings the fruit of righteousness and any time anyone, attempts to take matters into their own hands, they will come up wishing they hadn’t. All three of these errors have to do with Pride; Power, Prestige and Pleasure the very three things that are the nemesis of ServantLeaders.

  • Revelation demands a ___Response_____

Jesus’ response to the Father was to surrender control.

Will you follow Jesus by faith?

  • Reconciliation demands a ___Relationship______

Jesus’ relationship with the Father was one of total Submission.

Will you follow Jesus into dependence?

  • Reconciliation changes how we see ____Ourselves______

Here the question is What must I do?   Vs. What has been done for me?

You cannot take responsibility for your actions if you lack self-awareness. Leadership and Self-Awareness is a great Book on this topic – it demonstrates the contrast the ways of those who take responsibility and those who do not:

Lack of Awareness                                                                     Self-Awareness

Inflates the faults of others                                                            Embrace my own faults

Inflates my own virtues                                                                 Embrace the best of others

Inflates my attempts to solve others problems                         Embrace the results of actions

Blames others                                                                                  Bless others

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